Friday, May 9, 2008

Why the New York Times no longer matters.

Some say it was Jayson Blair. Some say it was Judith Miller. Some say it was when the Bush administration was able to bully them into spiking the story about the secret prisons the U.S. was running in foreign countries during the presidential election year, only running after Bush and Cheney were able to hold onto power for another four miserable years. Still others think it was when they hired William Kristol.

But here's Matty Boy, happy to 'splain to you why the New York Times no longer matters. Famed home wrecker Judy Guiliani was seen in public for the first time since her louse of a husband, "America's Mayor" Rudy Guiliani took a bundle of cash, ran for president and got completely drubbed because even Republicans can see he's a loser of a candidate.

Guess who else was there? Queen of all Gigantic Child Brides Elizabeth Kucinich. You know, the woman whose husband STILL HAS A JOB! But the Times went with the "brave Judy back in the saddle" story.

The Times pretty much hates bloggers. We bloggers rarely have many kind words for them, either. But if these are their instincts as to what passes for news, bloggers are going to continue to beat them at their own game.

Just sayin'.


sfmike said...

The fact that their entire worldview seems to be upper-middle-class, zionist and warmongering probably doesn't help either. The narrowness of their point of view has been pretty obvious for years and it's only gotten worse.

Distributorcap said...

i gave up the times after kristol
that was the final straw

and i the only thing i missis the xword puzzle

i wrote them a 3 page letter (i posted it in jan) and never even got a form response

guess they didnt need my eyeballs on their ads....

meanwhile they laid of a bunch of staff reporters, but kept kristol and brooks

Matty Boy said...

They caved on the secret prisons story when it only meant a PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION was in the balance, and they had the goods. No denial of the story was ever made.

Still, there are conservatives who have called for the death of Bill Keller.

They should be sending him Candygrams, the fascist pinheads. He handed them four more years of misrule they didn't deserve.