Sunday, June 29, 2008

Buena suerte a España, al país de los campeones y de las gigantas encantadoras.

(Translation: Good luck to Spain, the country of champions and beautiful giant women.)

Euro 2008 is down to the final game today, Spain versus Germany. If an international game doesn't include Brazil or the United States, I don't have a natural favorite, but I am going to root for the slightly underdog Spanish, in part because of their brilliant 3-0 dismantling of the Russians in the semifinals and in part because of Spain's progressive and positive attitude towards colossal females in their advertising.

You may recall from earlier posts that the idea of a woman being gargantuan in the workplace is a recurring theme. Here, a lovely young five meter tall executive is calling co-workers to remind them that the penalty for being late to a meeting is being crushed underfoot. It's a strict guideline, but fair.

The Spanish are also fond of the metaphor that men make excellent house pets, but should not be allowed to wander around, since they are likely to make a mess.

And then there's the twenty story tall honeys in lingerie and boots. Giant lingerie ads are fairly common, but the boots are a nice Spanish touch. With my high school Spanish, I am confident that I can translate the caption. Blocking out the sun at noon is the other power of the Latin woman.

Okay, I'm sold!


Matty Boy said...

Update: Spain 1, Germany 0.

Spain wins their first Euro championship since 1964. Well done, lads!

sfmike said...

They won for the first time in 40+ years because of the power of La Mujer Latina Giganta! Congratulations, Espana (sorry for the lack of tilde).

Matty Boy said...

Innkeeper! Brandy and fresh giant women for all my men! These heroes, these champions, these Spaniards!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Yay Spanish giantesses!

Art said...

H.R. Giger be damned. Those booted lingerie models are the alien invaders I'd rather see visit!