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Saturday, June 21, 2008

A first time for everything.

Today's forecast in Oakland is for mostly sunny weather with a high of 90 degrees Fahrenheit. I've lived in the Bay Area for more than 50 years, and I have to say that mostly sunny and 90 degrees are two phrases that are not supposed to go together. In Miami or Phoenix or even Sacramento, that's to be expected. Not in Oakland. We're supposed to have the most moderate weather on the planet, and this isn't it.

For the first time in my life living in the Bay Area, I'm going to buy a home air conditioner. I've lived all over the place in this region, from San Rafael in Marin County to San Francisco to several towns in Silicon Valley to the central East Bay from Oakland south to Fremont. The standard weather pattern is that there are a few days a year, maybe two weeks or so, when you wish you had an air conditioner but you get through it. Those days are usually in August or September. It's just turning to summer, and I've already had my allotment of days when I wanted an air conditioner this year. My apartment has windows facing west and it gets hot by mid afternoon and doesn't cool down until the middle of the night.

Maybe it's just the way the apartment is designed, but I'd have to say we are getting weather very different from what I grew up with, and like I said before, I've lived here for over 50 years. If it's a multiple choice question, I'm going to go with "climate change" as the most reasonable explanation.


sfmike said...

Way to destroy the planet with your home air conditioner, dude. (Just kidding. You're a drop in the proverbial bucket.)

And yeah, "climate change" is real. When I was spending a lot of time in Alberta, Canada in the 1980's, the residents there basically said they no longer had "winter" like they used to. Yeah, it still got to forty degrees below Fahrehnheit but there weren't any more snowstorms, let alone "blizzards," which they experienced while growing up. We're going to be part of the last generation to experience a lot of things, and one of them is "normal" weather.

Matty Boy said...

Well, mike, since I don't have a car, I feel somewhat entitled to increase my carbon footprint a li'l bit.

Actually, my problem is that without a car, it's gonna be hard to get the damn thing home. I may have to order it on the Net.

Distributorcap said...

off topic

can you do a post on why the great circle route is shorter for flying --- i cannot remember...

your loyal reader

FranIAm said...

Deep deep sigh.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Next thing you know is it'll be humid out there too. And when it's 90 and 100 percent humid, then you'll know my weather hell.

Matty Boy said...

Yes, Dr. Monkey, I know that folks in Northern California shouldn't whine about the weather much, because even at our worst we are better than 90% of the planet.

dguzman said...

I can't complain today because we've had really cool weather for the last few days here--what a relief from the freak heatwave we have a couple weeks ago (record-setting 95-degree temps).

The weather has definitely changed, and changed quickly. I'm a weather weenie, and I STILL can't figure out the weather patterns here in Central PA; they change every damned year.

Zoey & Me said...

Here in Florida our rainy May is now our rainy June. It's happened just in the past five years. When we built this house in the woods it always rained in May, a steady rain, every afternoon for hours, power out! Now we talk about how unusual it is to get hot weather in May but no rain. Global Warming?