Friday, June 20, 2008

It's All About My Schedule™.

For the next six weeks starting on Monday, my teaching schedule will change. I'm teaching statistics at two schools, Berkeley City College and Laney College, Monday through Thursday. The BCC gig is 8-11 am and Laney is 3-6 pm. I also have some lab hours at Laney in between on Mondays and Wednesdays, so I should be plenty busy and I'll have to leave the house earlier than I have been for most of this year. I'm an early riser, usually between 4am and 5am, so this shouldn't be much of a problem.

Some might gripe that teaching six hours a day has to be easier than working a job eight hours a day, but I've done both in my life, and I know which one is more work. Others might think they would be glad to have a four day work week. To those people, I would say, "Yes! Figure out how to get a four day work week! It's great!"

How will this change my blogging? Since I'm going to have less time in the morning, expect posts to be shorter and with more reliance on pandering. If I were in advertising, I might say "There's a change here at Lotsa 'Splainin'! The writing is crisper, cleaner and livelier, more in tune with what you want in your busy blog reading life!"

But really, it's just gonna be more lolz and pretty girls, quicker rants and 'splainin' simpler stuff, or 'splainin' stuff more simply. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays shouldn't see that much of a difference.


Fridays will still mean Random 10!

Another Hundred People Angel Desai
Hello Mabel Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band
Panic On Madder Rose
Love is a Stranger Eurythmics
You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me Dusty Springfield
Angel Band The Stanley Brothers
The Rose of England Nick Lowe
The Day The Devil Laurie Anderson
(I Don’t Want To Go To) Chelsea Elvis Costello & The Attractions
Get On Our Own Buzzcocks

Ever since I watched Into the Woods, I've been on a Sondheim kick on Netflix. I rented the documentaries on the cast recording of Company and the rehearsals and performance of Follies in Concert. Another Hundred People is a non-random starting point I bought on iTunes this week, and the recording is from the recent revival of Company, not the original cast recording with Dean Jones, Donna McKechnie and Elaine Stritch. Unlike last week, where the tunes were on the slow side, there's plenty of pep in these ten. Madder Rose and Buzzcocks give it some Punk Pop street cred, The One True Living Elvis gets pretty punky his own bad self, Nick Lowe has one of my favorite anti-war songs ever, and to top it all off, whose day wouldn't be brightened by about three minutes of bombastic lesbian? As much as I love all the artists here, Matty Boy is going to pick Miss Dusty as the headliner, because this week, It's All About Me™!


jolie said...

I love that dusty song! shelby lynne has a wonderful cover of that song, part of a full album of dusty-lovin' covers.

dguzman said...

Until people have taught six (or even three!) solid hours at the college level, they can't possibly know how hard it is. Teaching is the most mentally exhausting thing I've ever done.

Shelby Lynne is coming to my little town! I'm so pumped.