Sunday, June 8, 2008

John McCain's two-headed nightmare

As a steely eyed optimist, I worry about the effect of race in America on the presidential race this year. There are many states I think Obama can't possibly win because he is black, but everybody has figured out by now that it's all about getting enough electoral votes, not winning all 50 states. The thing that makes me optimistic is that these two guys, who have the ear of a lot of people who call themselves conservatives, appear to have genuine antipathy for John McCain.

I don't like either Dr. James Dobson or Rush Limbaugh, but there's a difference between them. Dobson's use of religion promotes a world view I find appalling, but he genuinely believes it. Limbaugh, on the other hand, doesn't believe in anything but Rush Limbaugh. Dobson in February said if McCain was the nominee, he would not vote for him in November, and it is very unlikely he will backpedal on this. A little reported phenomenon during the primary season was that when Clinton and Obama were slugging it out, McCain would win primary after primary, but there would be a substantial protest vote, usually for Huckabee and between 15% and 25%. The right wing is not a monolith, and McCain has not convinced a lot of people who call themselves conservatives that he is conservative.

I posted earlier this year about nasty comments made about McCain by El Gordo y La Flaca de Fascismo, and a friend of mine speculated that this was just to whip the senator into line and they would be on his side when the general election came around. Technically, it's general election time now, and Rush Limbaugh is still going after McCain, questioning his manhood after the speech McCain gave on the evening Obama sewed up the nomination.

With a crap economy and two easily won wars that became uneasy and endless occupations, the Republicans don't have much good news to run on this year. McCain is stuck with the unenviable task of proving he's the candidate of change, and even the small change he represents is disliked by two people who carry a lot of weight with McCain's hoped for "base".


FranIAm said...

What a great - greater than usual post on your truly fine blog Matty. Or as my lolz cat would say - Srsly!

My brother is a conservo-troid of the utmost degree and he would never, ever, ever and I do mean ever -admit to me that he dislikes Bush.

However, I do know that he hates the man.

Beyond that - he hates McCain even more and that he will talk about.

He finds McCain to be a liberal leftist and he is not kidding.

Did I mention that Rush is my brother's number one favorite pundit?

Ann is also someone that he reveres.

While we typically avoid too much political talk as it leads to ugly fights that neither of us want, he did recently proudly inform me that he was voting for Bob Barr.

Hardy har Bob Barr.

My parting words to him - GREAT! (and I meant it.) Have fun with that.

Things will get interesting.

Matty Boy said...

Back in the 90s, our mutual friend Padre Mickey was working stateside, and when people told him they were going to vote for Perot, the future Padre would ask them who they would vote for if Perot wasn't in the race. If they said Clinton, the Padre would tell them they were throwing their vote away with Perot, and that Perot was crazy and corrupt and lots of other stuff.

If they said they'd vote Republican if it wasn't for Perot, he'd say "Great! Good choice!"

Not unlike you and your brother.

I don't know many dittoheads personally, but it's got to be a difficult time for them.

Which is good for us and our nation.

Anonymous said...

The race card is certainly alive and well where I live here in Florida. I hear nothing good about the Dems slighting us in the primaries and this comes from registered democrats, I'm one of em. But hey, watch for the swift boaters to make this a racist race. It's another 50 with the Supremes telling us we do George Bush again.

Matty Boy said...

Z&M, it doesn't have to be. The way Florida and Michigan went was bad form, but it's time to get over it. You worry about the Supreme Court, think of what it will look like with McCain getting to nominate someone.

Anonymous said...

Right on Bro . . . but I have in my head it was time for a woman to clean up the Bushies. Bill did that for the old guy who owns the Carlyle Group . . . they are still posting profits. I'm not.

Jess Wundrun said...

The best thing is that without a passionate voting bloc turnout for the candidate is low.

Excluding the Hillary supporters, on the democratic side this year we will be voting FOR our candidate much more than we will be voting against the other.

I think that in the midst of the Obama/Hillary kerfluffle we really lost the chance to change the narrative on the Parsley/McGee story, which is not so much that McCain had to drop the endorsement of these two pastors but that he DOESN'T have a pastor of his own in the first place.

Obama=same church for twenty years.

If the situation was reversed you know that would have been the narrative.

I do relish the fight ahead.

pissed off patricia said...

McCain is caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. He needs Dobson's crew but he can't bow down too far to them or he risks regular republicans who aren't all about Dobson.

That speech he gave last Tuesday night looked and sounded like he was trying to swift boat himself. It had to be one of the worst in history. I'm not sure he has time to correct what was a first impression to many people who are just now paying attention.

dguzman said...

It's interesting to me that McFossilTeeth's voting record has been all Bush, all the time for the last 8 years, yet the repugs call him a "liberal"?

These idiots don't even know what "liberal" means. Big surprise, I guess.

Jess Wundrun said...

matty, it seems that Dobson has been nominated for the National Radio Hall of Fame.

Since his fundie base is going to flood the inbox at the Hall of Fame to vote for him, I'm hoping some regular Joes like us will take the time to vote against him.

The link is at my blog.

Matty Boy said...

Look, all this politics and religion stuff gives me a headache. When I was a wee lad, Nixon, who obviously didn't give a rat's ass about church, said he found the ideals of the Quakers to be most in line with his world view, and nobody called him on his shit!

That would be the Quaker sect that's willing to overlook a little mass murder when the proper circumstances arise.

Jess, I'll be glad to add my voice to the Hellz NO! choir.

Distributorcap said...

both of those guys completely creep me out -- but it is dobson i fear more --- and i really dont know why -- maybe because rush is a clown and a douche -- and while he has millions of followers -- they are growing smaller all the time

dobson will vote for mccain --- he will not sit home

that is what i fear