Monday, June 9, 2008

Strange tales from the neighborhood and show business

The Parkway Theater, a cool local movie house that shows second run movies and has a beer and wine license, is now dark on Monday nights every week, though it is available for private parties. I hope they are doing okay, because it would really suck if this place closed down. The neighborhood near the lake has a few major chain stores - Lucky, Walgreens, Kragen Auto Parts, Church's Chicken - but what makes the place livable is the local businesses like the Parkway.

Yay, small business!

So I had a few hours to kill and a few bucks of disposable income (yay, disposable income!), and I strolled down to the Parkway and saw Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay. I saw the first movie on DVD, and I thought it was on the enlightened and thoughtful end of sexist, drug addled entertainment for men who are overgrown adolescents.

Does that sentence make sense?

Yes, hypothetical question asker, it does. You should get out more.

So Harold and Kumar escape from Guantanamo Bay, truth in advertising pays off in the long run, and have an adventure that takes them from Florida to Texas through way of Alabama. In Alabama, they meet a character played by a very pretty actress who I was sure I had seen someplace before. I went home and looked up her name, Missi Pyle, on She has been in a lot of movies and had guest spots on a lot of TV shows, mostly in comedies, notably as the alien Laliari who falls in love with Tony Shaloub's character in Galaxy Quest. Remember when I was talking about how few roles the actors in Into the Woods had since that play was filmed? Missi Pyle has 59 credits in a career that spans twelve years. I think it's fair to say she probably will not be an overnight sensation, but if you're really pretty and can deliver a funny line and you're about six feet tall, you can work in Hollywood if you have a mind to.

Did I forget to say she's 5'11"? She's 5'11".


FranIAm said...

So ends another "tall tale" from me Matty!

Art said...

What? My favorite movie house in the East Bay, closed one night a week? I hope this isn't a trend.