Saturday, June 7, 2008

We have geese.

My first month in my new digs, I wrote a post about the appearance of geese in my neighborhood.

In March, I published a rebuttal from the geese, saying they liked it here and had no plans to go to Canada.

Now, in June, around Lake Merritt we have geese. We have geese like dogs have fleas. We have geese like John McCain's campaign has lobbyists.

There is a greenbelt of lawn almost all the way around Lake Merritt, which is a couple of miles around, and much of that area has now been annexed to Gooseland for an undetermined duration. The geese will not say when they are leaving, for as we know, timetables encourage terrorists.

The correct plural term for geese is gaggle. Has anyone ever considered "infestation" instead?

Just sayin'.


Padre Mickey said...

Gee, that close to China town you might be getting some decent dishes featuring goose, or at least one would hope.

I saw goose for sale at the supermarket today but it was going for $50.00, which is a bit rich for my blood, or wallet, for that matter!

Matty Boy said...

Yes, the menus may be changing soon. All the pho shops feature beef noodle soup, of course, with chicken as a second choice. I wonder how goose noodle soup is?

Your new photo icon... are you going for that "big old eye in the pyramid" look?

Padre Mickey said...

I jes' take a pichure of mah eye and use it. I don' know why. I like it 'cuz it be weird.

dguzman said...

It's not their fault! Just don't forget to wipe the goose poo off your shoes before you go inside.

Matty Boy said...

The geese are pushing other birds out of the area. The bio-diversity in this place has gone straight down the tubes since I was a lad.