Thursday, July 10, 2008

Back to normal...

which is to say, pretty laid back.

You may have read the report that the Japanese labor statistics board has listed the cause of death of a 45 year old auto designer at Toyota as overwork.

The probability you will hear a similar story about Matty Boy at some point in the future is... oh, let's just call it zero and leave it at that.

I could 'splain the idea of infinitesimals, but really, I'm just too lazy right now. It's minutes past 0-Wine-thirty hours at the start of yet another three day weekend for me, and I haven't even reached for the corkscrew yet. Clearly, I have to get my priorities straight.

A whole weekend with nothing to do... except grade 80 exams.

Really, not so bad.

Back to actual blogging tomorrow.

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