Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Don't be late!

If you haven't seen Wall-E yet, then you are even slower than I am! I saw it this weekend, and it's yet another very good Pixar film. I would say Cars is my least favorite Pixar film, and even it was pretty good.

The short films that start the show, like this new one starring a magician named Presto and his hungry bunny Alec, have also maintained a very high level of quality. You could say that it's "just slapstick", but it does what slapstick is supposed to do, which is make you laugh. YouTube is loaded down with slapstick, but often when I click on a popular clip because it was sent to me or is featured on a site like BuzzFeed, I see the violence coming from way too far back, and my reaction is more along the lines of "Is that person okay?" The slapstick in the Pixar short is very fast and the characters of course are animated, so you don't have to worry about long term consequences or short trips to the emergency room. And the story even has some heart.

So my quick review is this: Go see the story of Presto and Alec, and stick around for a longer movie that comes on after it about a lonely robot and his pet cockroach. It's good, too.


FranIAm said...

Much to my chagrin, dear Husband He Is and Stepdaughter She Is went without me!!

pissed off patricia said...

I want to see Wall-E and I seldom want to see a movie at the movie house. I loved Nemo and if it's better than that, I gotta see it.

Matty Boy said...

FranIAm: Such family stress! No wonder you snapped at your sister-in-law. (Kidding.)

PoP: I wouldn't say better than Nemo. Very different from it. It does some of the best silent acting in any recent film, and since it's silent animation, I'd have to compare it to Samurai Jack, a 2-d TV cartoon that I liked a lot.

CDP said...

I expect to see it in the next week or so. We just saw Kung Fu Panda, which was rather cute, but I do tend to like the Pixar films better than the Dreamworks ones (Ratatouille has been my favorite so far)