Sunday, July 13, 2008

A little love for my first adopted actor

One of my adopted actors, the lovely and talented Jeffrey Wright, made the news this weekend by getting arrested at 2 a.m. in a bar in Shreveport. Wright, who is playing Colin Powell in the Oliver Stone movie about George W. Bush, tried to get between officers who wanted to arrest a rowdy member of the crew who was part of the gang from the film in the bar. Josh Brolin, who plays W., was also arrested.

While I do not recommend closing bars in Shreveport, or anyplace else for that matter, if you are going to be picked up by the po-po early in the morning, the right way to do it is standing up for somebody in your crew. Many points are scored by both Mr. Brolin and Mr. Wright for this little altercation on the Matty Boy scale.

As you might notice from the casting, Oliver Stone has decided nearly every important role will be filled by somebody much younger and prettier than the person they are playing. For instance, Thandie Newton is playing Condi Rice. If Condi even dreams she was on her hottest day ever as hot as Thandie Newton, she better wake up and apologize.


CDP said...

I thought of you when I saw this story (and I, too, cracked up at the idea of Condi played by Thandie Newton. She SO wishes!)

dguzman said...

I too noticed how everyone in the movie is young and hot, while the real deals are old and crusty. Who's playing Dick Cheney? Clive Owen?

Matty Boy said...

Richard Dreyfuss plays Dick Cheney. I've seen him play conservative heels before, so not that big a stretch.

Anonymous said...

I've got this great photo of Condi that someone on the net photoshopped but so far never could pull it to run on Cat. I will one day, but it should play with a news story. She looks re-dic-ca-lus.