Monday, July 28, 2008

Lying for a living.

I am skeptical about most conspiracy theories. It's hard to have everybody keep a secret for a long time. But sometimes you watch something happening and you know the official story makes no sense. When there were power outages in California earlier this decade and the prices for electricity were hitting levels never before seen, it made sense given the facts on the ground that the prices were being manipulated by speculators. Oh, no, no, officials from Enron and the Bush administration said. It's just market forces. And that was that. Until Enron collapsed and the "Grandma Millie" tapes were made public, believing the most logical cause of the situation was just a crackpot theory.

Late last week, Scott McLellan admitted what has been obvious for years and denied for just as long. The Bush White House has been giving propaganda directly to Fox News Channel in the form of talking points and the on-air "talent" has parroted it word for word, claiming it as their own. So Fox News is the official news organ of the Republican Party just as Pravda was the official news organ of the Communist Party in Soviet Russia. Of course, Pravda was state owned and Fox News is privately owned, but even that difference in style makes sense given the stark contrast in the opinion about state ownership held by the Soviets and the Bush regime.

Even having someone in the conspiracy finally come clean doesn't mean that much. The White House and Fox Pravda Network will issue denials and the press will report them and go no further. This is the way the press works right now and everybody in the game knows it. Sometimes if someone is powerless enough, the press is willing to destroy a person to look tough, but if someone has power and the willingness to stand up and lie without giggling, the press will write a story along the lines of "Person A said the sky is blue, but high ranking officials said the sky is green. Obviously, it's a controversy and we'll never know for sure."

Republicans whine about being tried in the court of public opinion, and how unfair it is. I agree that it is unfair. Try them in the court of law, and after all the he said, she said stuff, let a jury decide and send these rich and powerful and connected criminals to prison. We have a choice in this election, and only one choice gives us even the slimmest hope of returning to being a nation of laws and not men.


dguzman said...

I was away from media this weekend, camping, so this is the first I've heard of it. And I'm sickened and frightened out of my mind by the whole idea of it--a news organization being the direct microphone of an administration. The fact that it's a privately owned news org--well that makes it even more sickening, that an individual (Murdoch) can have enough money and enough stupidity to serve in this capacity and affect (infect?) the entire country, as well as anyone abroad who watches.

I don't think any of these criminals will ever see a courtroom. My only hope is that Obama isn't part of the problem--his recent FISA vote and other little sell-outs make me worry that he's just another Pelosi in progressive's clothing. If this hope is pure folly, well--I don't even want to think about it.

Zoey & Me said...

Last line Matty, you mean "nation of laws and not crooks".

namastenancy said...

Unholy fucking shit! I think that we were taking about this last Saturday. Not the exact issue of Faux news being an organ of the Bush White House but how amazing the last years have been and how neither of us could have imagined how far down our country would go. Torture, disregard of civil rights, lies, debt beyond understanding - the mind boggles.