Sunday, July 13, 2008

A new post on the Chimp.

Oh yeah, I put up a new post on The Smirking Chimp about lovely Phil Gramm's lovely comment about how any economic troubles Americans think they are facing are just figments of their overactive and overly delicate imaginations.

Now I must lie down, for I feel the vapors overtaking me, delicate flower that I am.


FranIAm said...

Quit yer bitchin' and yer whinin' flower boy!

(franiam luvz matty and she keeds but you knew dat.)

(franiam is a big whiner too. waaah! waah!)

I had a commenter call me one (deleted -troll commenter) last night. Troll also called me an f-ing cindy mccain word whiner! They spelled out Cindy word but bothered themselves to say f*cking.

Oh well, back to my whine.

dguzman said...

Chilled white whine = almost every republican I know.

When is Phil Gramm going to die? He must be about 452.

Matty Boy said...

Phil Gramm looks old and has been around forever, but he's just 66, so he's actually about five years younger than the candidate himself.

Go figure.