Friday, July 18, 2008

Standing up for my adopted actor

The story from Shreveport is getting worse. The undeniable facts are that Josh Brolin and my first adopted actor Jeffrey Wright were arrested at a bar at 2 a.m. last weekend, during the wrap party for the Oliver Stone movie about George W. Bush. The story now is that the cops used pepper spray on Brolin, tasered (tased?) Wright several times when he was down on the ground, and used everybody's favorite racial epithet. The Shreveport police say they have reviewed the situation and found that everyone involved were completely professional. The website TMZ, which deals with celebrities and their run-ins with the law, says that someone has footage of the scene on a cell phone camera, but I haven't found it on the web.

I wasn't there, and everyone is innocent until proven guilty, of course, but it's my guess that the actors were drunk and the cops were vicious scumbags on a power trip. Maybe I've watched The Wire too much, but I wouldn't be surprised if the cops were lit up as well.


Friday means Random 10!

It Hurts Me Too Eric Clapton
Black Sails In The Sunset Elvis Costello & The Attractions
Table Top Joe Tom Waits
Days The Kinks
Old Fashioned Girl Matthew Hubbard and Michael Dresbach
I Can’t Stop Killing You Kirsty MacColl
It Hurts Me Too Elmore James
Lie Still Little Bottle They Might Be Giants
What’d I Say Ray Charles
Blitzkrieg Bop The Ramones

I'll let you in on a dark secret of the Random 10 here at Lotsa 'Splainin'. Usually, artists don't show up twice in the same ten, because I edit out repeats from the shuffle. Padre Mickey doesn't do this kind of editing, because he often has artists show up twice. But today's ten has a repeated song, with both Eric Clapton and Elmore James singing and playing guitar on It Hurts Me Too. That was such an odd coincidence, I had to include it.

The most obscure artist on the list are those guys who recorded Old Fashioned Girl, but if you read this blog or Padre Mickey's Dance Party, I think you'll know who they are.

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