Thursday, July 24, 2008

What sucks even worse.

Regular readers might recall the post earlier this month about software that sucks. Well, what sucks even worse is when that software which works poorly enough when fully functional stops functioning. I was coy about the manufacturer of the software in my first rant. Let me be coy no more.

In the Matty Boy household, PeopleSoft will now be known simply as PeopleSucks.

One of the annoying "features" of this software is that you have to log in twice using the same name and password, and they call this an extra layer of security. Well, as of yesterday, the system recognizes my name and password on the first page, but doesn't recognize it on the second login page. In other words, I can get into the system, because just any old name and password won't get me to the second page, but I can't get into the useful part of the system. You know, the one where I might GET WORK DONE!

Add to that my hardware is acting up a little as of this week. I don't know if it was a spill or overuse, but the shift button on the left side of my keyboard is a little balky and the Ctrl key doesn't work at all. The loss of the Ctrl key is very annoying, but I can work around it. I'll probably get it fixed after this term is over at the end of the month. But annoying hardware is a lot better than completely useless software, so I guess I'm counting my blessings.

Yay, Flags of Many Lands™! Yay, Paraguay! I just need French Guiana and Guyana to complete my South American map.

That doesn't suck.


FranIAm said...

"But annoying hardware is a lot better than completely useless software, so I guess I'm counting my blessings."

so true!

hang in there and good luck. peoplesucks does suck. hard.

pissed off patricia said...

Any computer problems cause my blood to feeze up and a mild panic attack. I sincerely feel for you.

CDP said...

I KNEW you were talking about PeopleSucks in that last post. I. just. knew. it. They do suck.

Distributorcap said...

we just switched from peoplesoft to SAP at work

the finance people called it martiansoft since it probably only worked on mars