Monday, August 11, 2008

Anybody else hate this crap?

Because online friends have asked me, I have joined a couple of the online friends communities in the past year, but I never use them. I know that they can be used "properly", and the young people are very keen on them, but for me, they are just headaches that put spam in my inbox.

With today's technology, I am on the cusp between Grumpy Old Man and Original Nerd. I was sitting at a terminal in the 1970s at my university in what would now be called a chat room. Back then, there was nobody pretending to be a fourteen year old girl, or was anyone looking for fourteen year old girls, so there wasn't much in the way of menace or controversy back. We were all nerdy college kids, and these ruses wouldn't have occurred to us. Besides, everybody was in the computer rooms at their respective schools, not at home in our bedrooms, so the question "What are you wearing?" wouldn't have had many interesting responses. I thought it remarkable enough to be typing messages to people hundreds of miles away, but I didn't yearn to continue when I left school.

On the other hand, I was addicted to the computer Star Trek and Golf back when both were text games. I also killed a lot of wumpuses, though I never ate what I killed, so their corpses must be rotting in some rarely visited corner of cyberspace. Of course, for gamer street cred, I worked at Atari. Even someone who thinks video games started when Grand Theft Auto was released still has to show me respect, and I am not above forcing some punk young kid into a little mandatory ring kissing now and then.

To summarize, for getting in touch with me, my friends and family have something called my home phone number, which the young people call "the digits". I also have gone all high tech and have three different e-mail addresses, compartmentalized for different parts of my life. My gmail address is displayed in a picture here on the blog. But getting in touch with me on Tagged or Facebook, I don't recommend it. Not a good signal to noise ratio, to use a phrase which confirms my Original Nerd bona fides.


Karlacita! said...

I have to agree.

I have a lot of friends who invite me to these things, but I go, and it just looks like a total waste of time.

Besides, I don't need people to find me. Hell, I got enough people in my real book. Me not needs a facebook!

But this is a person who refused to get a cell phone until 4 years ago.

And a hearty "You kids get off my lawn" to you! I'm all neoLuddite 'n shit!

Matty Boy said...

I still have never had a cell phone, except when I was playtesting a cell phone game for a friend in the biz. Never used it for phone calls, iirc.

I'm a Paleo-Luddite! You gotta represent!

Padre Mickey said...

No celulár for me, either. AND it seems that every other day someone is inviting me to join some other face-booky-my-spacey-tagged-high-five kinda ting. I can't even keep up with the damn Facebook; how da heck I'm gonna keep up wit dem udder ones?

PseudoPiskie said...

I love Facebook but I hate all the extra apps. Since I am the age of my college classmates' parents, I get teased but I'm happy to keep in touch with the "kids" to see what they are doing now. Two of the most unlikely just got married. Who knew? And a beliefnet friend couldn't find my email address and used Facebook to let me know we could finally get together a couple of weeks ago.

As far as cell phones are concerned, I don't depend on mine at home as it rarely works. I had to drive two miles to get a signal so I could report that my land line was out. lol. But this single woman spends many hours on the road and has used the cell in more than one emergency so far. Don't call me tho. I keep it in the car and rarely have it on.

It is possible to be selective in the use of these gadgets.

Anonymous said...

I do like the facebook (and hi5) crap, I do like it, Matt I Am. And I would use it here and there, and I would use it anywhere. With it I was able to find old high school friends I was otherwise unable to locate for years (because I live in a different continent now). We stay in touch that way, and there's no pain to the wallet because of phone call expenses. We can "see" each other through photos, we can share blog addresses, and it's the best way I have found so far to nudge them daily without spending a great deal of time away from everyone's busy schedule.