Sunday, August 31, 2008

Baby mama drama

I have been openly critical of Sarah Palin's decision to return to work three days after giving birth to a special needs baby last April. The story gets odder the more you look into it.

Ms. Palin first let her constituents know about the pregnancy when she said she was seven months along. This picture is from the day when she announced. When she announced, no one on her staff had heard a thing. It's one thing to be seven months pregnant and not show, but not to tell anyone on your staff? Why would anyone do that?

And then there's the story of the day of delivery. Palin was in Texas giving a speech and she told people that her water broke. She gave the speech. She decided to fly from Texas to Alaska, eight hour flight with a stopover in Seattle, while allegedly in labor. She did not tell the airline about her circumstance. The flight landed in Anchorage, but she did not go to the hospital there. She drove forty five minutes to a small clinic just outside of where she used to be mayor. Why do all these counter-intuitive things after her fluid has broken? Here's her husband's answer.

"You can't have a fish picker from Texas." said Todd.

This is a photo from late 2007. The daughter who is not smiling broadly is Bristol, now age 17, who had a long absence from school, reported to be anywhere from five to eight months long. According to the family, she had mono. It usually takes a few weeks to recover from mono.

For my money, I would be happier with her if she's the grandmother rather than the mother. If she's the mother, she made dozens of crazy stupid decisions, and she's had four babies before this. This kind of lack of judgment in a mother would be inexcusable.

On the other hand, if she's the grandmother, it's a political nightmare for the McCain camp. She's a liar and they are incompetent in vetting and hypocrisy about out of wedlock babies looks very, very bad. You can get more of the story at The Daily Kos. I don't know what the mainstream media will do, but this sounds like a story The National Enquirer will knock out of the ball park, like they did with John Edwards' infidelity.

Also, a boatload of Republicans are not showing up to the convention. Bush, Cheney and Schwarzenegger are all too busy. I'm sure it's just coincidence.


Enigma4ever said...

thank you...the more that ask the questions the better....if bloggers create enough of a Storm- the shit will hit the fan....just like Plame Gate..the Missing WMD....etc etc etc....

lotta work to unravel SO MANY lies eh?

( my main blog is Watergate Summer....I blog life and politics...and where they collide...come on over...,)

Karlacita! said...

Oh my word!

If it's true, though, can't you see her making it into a testament to her devoted motherhoodness and all that crap?


Karen Zipdrive said...

Good job spreading the word, Matty.
As I go up and down my list of bloglinks, it's interesting to track how many are starting to post about this topic.
Palin has lied about returning the bridge to nowhere funds, she's under investigation for firing the Alaskan police commissioner and I think she's lied about this baby to hide the shame of being a religious wingnut with a knocked up kid.
We need to keep a fire lit under this until the MSM is forced to look into it.

HelenWheels said...

I'm with you guys, I'm about to post on it too. Too many holes, and this needs to get out there.

Suzy said...

Bizarre. No way is she 7 months pregnant in that picture. After 4 other babies? She'd have been pooching out after the first month!

And the daughter could or could not be preggers in the other picture. Is that just a blot on my monitor, or is it her belly button?

Bizarre bizarre bizarre.

Padre Mickey said...

I have a bit of trouble with the idea that with her fifth baby she was in labour for over eight hours. From my experience, each child comes progressively faster. Now, the Lovely Mona didn't mess around with long labours: she was in labour for only three hours with Tara and once her water broke with Anne, we had a baby in our arms in only an hour and a half. I was in the delivery room for both births so I now how fast she was. I always joked that if we had a third child (which we didn't have because, as my father pointed out, every third child born is Chinese), I was going to wait across the room with a baseball mitt and shout "push!"

Of course, every birth is different. . .

Matty Boy said...

What the Padre said. Also, eight hours on a plane and just as nice as can be to the flight attendants, none of whom thought she was pregnant, let alone in labor.

If this were a plot for Law & Order, it would be rejected after the fourth or the fifth detail as just being too obvious and piling on. The story stinks from head to tail, and either she's lying or has the worst maternal instincts ever witnessed in a mother of four.

HelenWheels said...

What do you all think about this claim that the rumor (on DailyKos anyway) has been debunked?

HelenWheels said...

Not that that blog has any credibility - looks like a rightwing rag, you won't believe the links on the side... black agenda... save Obama's brother (!!).

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're on this, too. I think there's something to it and either way, it's not good. It doesn't speak well of Palin's judgment.

Matty Boy said...

Thanks for the link, Helen. They have a few pictures where she's wearing baggy clothing. But there's also the video from February of her walking to work wearing high heels in the rain and the Newsweek forum in March where she called Hillary a whiner. She's sitting very comfortably with her legs crossed at the thighs. Sounds like a hard thing for a person with a large belly to do. And of course, there's her demeanor on the eight hour flight with a layover in Seattle.

There's reports that the clinic she said she went to has no record of a birth of Trig Palin on April 18, but I'd like to see that verified.

Understand, either she's lying or she's not. Lying, she's toast, gone in 60 seconds. Telling the truth, she's got terrible maternal instincts and going back to work in three days is just plain heartless.

Again, I want to say either way, we keep hitting this story. It may be that some other dirt on her knocks her out, but she wasn't even partially vetted, and I'm not sure she can survive a week, let alone two months in the spotlight.

HelenWheels said...

Mattyboy, excellent points. I want to make sure than any "debunking" I find can be disassembled easily. That's important. I wondered about the quote from the woman on that site saying Palin appeared pregnant? But I do realize that it could be a lie/plant/misquote/anything unless verified and then you also get into the area wherein people just think they see something because they've been told... she was told Palin was pregnant so that's what she "saw". I've even been guilty of that.

So... onward, outward. And, yeah, if it's true, she's toast.

AS if it's not bad enough for McLAME that the shrub, dead-eye dick AND AHHHnold aren't showing up at the RNC.

FranIAm said...

I posted something about this on a blog that is not my own and took some flak, so took it down.

I do think the story has some legs though -something is not right about it all.

That said, I don't think we can just laugh her out.

anon said...

Seriously, which one looks post-pregnant here?

And, comparing her pregnancy at 7 months with her 1st child, to her supposed 5th child (which should show MORE than the 1st):

RobE said...

Okay folks, I think I can nuke the "debunking."

The now infamous family photo is now said to have been taken in 2006. Now think about that. My mom, the pediatric nurse, estimated that Bristol was 4-5 months pregnant in that photo. I have a lot of experience seeing pregnant teenagers in my old neighborhood back in my childhood and I have never, ever seen a girl, even when I was living abroad, with the body Bristol has in that pic who either wasn't expecting or who had been a parent earlier (c-section pouch, you know).

So if it really was 2006, Bristol was having sex in either the eighth or ninth grade when she conceived the child or there was something grimmer afoot (rape, incest). Now what happened to that baby?

Also, for those who just think that was puppy fat, what teenage girl is going to dress in a way that makes her look five months pregnant? Nobody.

So I think the reality is that the photo is of much more recent vintage. Otherwise, we have another child to account for.

But Bristol getting pulled out of school for mono *cough [knocked up]* didn't occur until five months before Trigg graced us with his presence.

Now if Sarah had admitted from the outset that Bristol was a teenage mother, it was a three minute story max. But a blown coverup is forever and the Palins are about to find that out.

The doctor who allegedly approved the airplane trip post water breaking is backing off her earlier statements after bloggers started flinging words such as "malpractice" and "negligence" around. I'm sure her insurance carrier wasn't too happy with the tale her client told about the birth of the Down's Syndrome child.

Sarah used that baby as a political prop as part of the marketing for her VP nomination (Christian right pro-life bonafides, you know) and thus made this all fair game. She also put Bristol between a rock and a hard place in the name of her political ambitions. If she can sell out her family like that, whose to say what she will do in the executive branch?

However this thing shakes out, my best wishes are with Bristol. She needs them.

mtins65 said...


HelenWheels said...

Maybe mtins65 doesn't know about the electoral votes? Who's ahead there? Did you even realize there IS an electoral college and that we use it in presidential elections?

Matty Boy said...

As for the polls, anyone who wants to be better informed can check in at this blog each Sunday for the Sunday Numbers, which keeps track of the electoral college vote through the most recent polls.

I use the most recent polls, or the median poll if there are three or more in a week in a state, because as we know, things change.

Also, mtins65, try using your new pal, the space key. It can make your stuff much more readable.