Thursday, August 28, 2008


Maybe you heard about this, maybe you didn't. A guy on Fox Noise went on a riff about how Obama/Biden sounds like Osama Bin Laden, and asked if it was coincidence. Lemme 'splain something to this guy.

1. Yes, they sound alike if you have been DRINKING A LOT.

2. Yes, it's a complete coincidence.

Thanks for playing.

Of course, this guy can't be an idiot, because he's white and wears a suit and tie. Moreover, he couldn't be fired for being an idiot, which of course he isn't, because he works on Fox Noise. Without idiots, they'd have Chris Wallace's show on Sundays and the rest of the time they'd be running infomercials.

This truly remarkable level of stupidity reminded me of Professor Griff, one of the many people who would be up on stage performing with the political rap group Public Enemy. He went on an anti-semitic riff many years ago and asked the interviewer if he had ever noticed that "jewelry" began with "jew". Coincidence?

Yes, Griff, it's a coincidence. More than that, Public Enemy fired his candy ass because rappers have standards, while Fox Noise does not.

Of course, Griff maintains that Public Enemy fired him because of the international Jewish conspiracy against the black man.

Thanks for playing, Griff. You got fired because of the worldwide, non-sectarian conspiracy against idiots. Anti-idiot sentiment still runs very strong even in this world filled with sensitive people.

But hey, it still sounds like fun. Let's see if my alter ego hypothetical question asker can go off on a pseudo scientific rant based on similar sounding words in English.

McCain... Mark of Cain? Is this a sign that God views the Arizona geezer as a murderer and not a war hero? Is it anti-Christian to vote for him because of God's clear displeasure or is it just coincidence?

Good one, hypothetical! Nice variation on a theme.

And by the way, it is just coincidence. You want to run something this weak by people, you'll have to get a job at Fox Noise, and if you do that, I'd have to let you go.

Even bloggers have standards.


FranIAm said...

I am SCREAMING with laughter. Oh shite man- you have outdone yourself with this one.

dguzman said...

and Joseph.

I'm stunned. Faux sunk to new lows of idiocy with that one.

Padre Mickey said...

VERY nice! And, you know, that Mark of Cain thing is true! He can wander the world and no one can kill him. That's why he lived through the plane crash. No, it's true. It's, like, in the Bible or sumpin'.

Caminante said...

Sadly my mother and sister watch Faux News and think it's gospel. So do a lot of other people. It's so discouraging.