Sunday, August 31, 2008

Feel the excitement!

According to the Los Angeles Times, many GOP stalwarts aren't showing up to the Convention in Minneapolis, which may or may not be postponed due to Hurricane Gustav bearing down on the Gulf Coast. I mean many as in "fish in the sea" many. Here's a partial list.

Texas governor Rick "Good Hair" Perry and Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal are staying put to deal with the aftermath of Gustav. These are the most believable reasons.

Retiring Sen. Chuck Hagel is in Europe, but he kind of hates McCain, so this isn't a big surprise.

Larry Craig has decided not to visit his favorite airport restroom one more time for old times' sake.

Ted Stevens is concentrating on his re-election campaign. He may have some other things on his To Do List, though his spokesmen declined to state what they are.

Pat Roberts of Kansas is way too busy campaigning. He has a double digit lead and Kansas hasn't had a Democratic senator since 1932, but still... busy, busy, workee, workee!

Other too busy senators include John Sununu of New Hampshire, Elizabeth Dole in North Carolina, Susan Collins of Maine and Gordon Smith of Oregon.

Richard Lugar of Indiana has given his support to Joe Biden, so no trip to the Twin Cities for him.

Maverick McCain has also pissed off his party pals in Colorado by support of a bill to re-negotiate how much water Arizona gets to siphon off from the Colorado River, so retiring senator Wayne Allard and the GOP candidate to succeed him Bob Schaffer are also sending their regrets.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has stay in California to obstruct passage of a budget.

Who else? Any other big names missing from the list?

Oh, yeah. Bush and Cheney are pulling out. Bush has to be the Hugger In Chief this week down on the Gulf Coast. It completely slipped Cheney's mind that he's now three weeks behind on sacrificing puppies to the Old Ones he serves.

This gives the rest of us just that much more time to enjoy Sarah Palin Fever. Catch it!

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