Thursday, August 7, 2008

Having the world travel to me.

I'm on vacation from all my various jobs for a few weeks, and I'm actually going to have a chance to travel for pleasure a week from now, taking the train to visit friends in Southern California, Santa Barbara and San Diego. (I can't give exact dates, because timetables encourage terrorists.) Not that impressive compared my globetrotting blog buddies DistributorCapNY or FranIAm, but one does what one can, most especially when one is a broke ass mofo.

This week, one small part of foreign travel came visiting me by post. A British guy wants a copy of the Wonders of Science CD, and he sent me fifteen pounds in the mail so that I will send him a copy of our recordings, a more than fair deal for Padre Mickey and me no matter what the exchange rate. (Yes, Padre, I owe you seven and a half quid. Let me know if you want that in Panamanian pennies or Itchy & Scratchy Fun Dollars.)

So here I am looking at a British tenner, and who should be on the side opposite HRH QE II but the guy with the impressive beard, powerful eyebrows and even more powerful brain, Mr. C. Darwin himself! Think about what a stink it would be in the U.S. of A. if we had legal tender honoring the greatest theorist in the history of biology. Who knows, there may have been a small protest of knuckle dragging Brits when Lucky Chucky was put on the ten pound note, but it wasn't big enough to make the news here.

Of course, we in the States aren't much on protest, or on history for that matter. For example, who is the only president ever censured by Congress? Who was responsible for a massively unconstitutional act of theft from the Cherokees, followed by a genocidal death march?

Hint #1: Two questions, one answer.
Hint #2: If you are having trouble, fish a twenty out of your wallet for a clue.


Splotchy said...

Have some fun travels, man.

Try not to spend too many bloody twenties.

CDP said...

Oy, what's all this then?

Have a fun trip!

Padre Mickey said...

Itchy and Scratchy Fun Dollars, as always.

Faisal said...

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FranIAm said...

Matty hits the road! Whooo hooo!

I wish our trips were timed better, but we will meet one day.

My travelin' days are on hold - at least relative of what I used to do back in the day and what that madcap DCap still does!

Broke ass mofo never kept me home. It would have now, but Mr He Is, usually the wise one where money is concerned insisted on Cali. (and it were fun, i must admit. eating store brand beans will be fine for the next year and i gots to loose some pounage anyway...)

I am a bit distracted because I just saw your avatar as contemporary you over at Padre's. (Wise choice btw with the Itchy Scratchy cash...) and you look GREAT.

Come over and say something at my place, so I can see again.

(oh i am shameless.)
(and a broke ass mofo. an unemployed brokeass mofo at that!)

namastenancy said...

I think your blog ate my earlier comment. But the answer to your question about what president stole Cherokee land and forced them on the "trail of tears" was Andrew Jackson.

Matty Boy said...

Thanks, Nancy. The blog did eat a few comments yesterday, including some of mine. It coincided with me changing the word "comments" to "extra 'splainin's" in the blog template, but that may just be coincidence.

dguzman said...

I have no more 'splainin's to add, since namastenancy already hit that jackpot.