Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My mom loves your blog!

Last weekend when I was away, minding my own bidness, Padre Mickey saw fit to give me a Kick Ass Blogger award. I like getting awards, but the part about giving out awards myself... not so much. It's kind of like playing favorites and I get enough of that at work. What I want is for my students to learn and what many of them want is to get a good grade. The two things aren't mutually exclusive, of course, but they are definitely different priorities.

So instead of me choosing people to give a Kick Ass Blogger award to, I talked to my mom about what blogs she makes part of her regular reading. All blogs mentioned here can consider themselves winners of the Kick Ass, which means you can add your name to the roll call at this website, and put the picture up top on your blog, if it fits in with your decor.

(p.s. This isn't my mom and I. This is a picture of the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams and his mum, taken before his eyebrows grew to the size of windshield wipers. Still, it was my favorite picture of a mom and her son I could find on the Internets given short notice.)

My Mom Loves Your Blog #1: Civic Center. My mom has excellent taste. Of all my blog buddies, sfmike is unique in his position as a skilled photojournalist. He writes about whatever he wants to write about, including the arts, local politics and the stuff that goes on in his neighborhood, the Civic Center of San Francisco, home of City Hall, the opera, the symphony and the ballet. I check in every day.

My Mom Loves Your Blog #2: Chez NamasteNancy. My mom's health has been a problem for several years, and she doesn't get out much. Still, she is a fine painter and almost always has a new canvas she is working on. She loves to see the art that NamasteNancy puts up on her blog and through links on her blog, which help inspire my mom in her work. Good stuff!

My Mom Loves Your Blog #3: (parenthetical). Of all my blog buddies, CDP is the one who almost always works without the net of a picture to go along with her text. She uses that stuff... oh, heck what's it called again? Oh yeah, prose. She paints pictures with prose. My mom asked me if she was a pro. I don't know, but I know she could be. Anyone who makes my blog a regular visit who doesn't do the same with (parenthetical) is making a mistake.

Also, it's one of the coolest names for a website evah!

My Mom Loves Your Blog #4: Padre Mickey's Dance Party. It's not like the Padre needs to be nominated for the Kick Ass Blogger Award, since he gave it to me after someone gave it to him. (Sounds like a study on infectious diseases, doesn't it?) But I thought he should know that my mom loves his blog. Like many of the Padre's readers, she is keen on the weekly segment known as Friday Red Mr. Peanut Bank and Gallito Mescalito Blogging, and she especially likes the song parody you can find by following the link.

So there are four Kick Ass blogs that also get the My Mom Loves Your Blog award. Let's count them off, shall we?

Uno... Dos... one-two-tres-CUATRO!

Watch it, now, watch it!


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I'll bet your mom hates my blog.

Matty Boy said...

This is exactly what I'm talking about. These things engender bad feelings among blog buddies, though most will not mention it.

Padre Mickey said...

Thank you, Matty Boy, and thanks to yer mom, too!

sfmike said...

For the ridiculous amount of time and work I put into "Civic Center," I've been feeling a bit underappreciated lately but NO LONGER! Your Mom Loves My Blog #1 is frankly the highest honor possible. Thank you and I hope I get to meet her soon.

In the meantime, "Civic Center" is off to New York City this Friday for a couple of weeks, which will be documented for all to see. Should be interesting.

CDP said...

Wow, I'm so delighted to know that your mom reads my blog and enjoys it! Thank you for the award, and thanks to your mom too! Awesome!

namastenancy said...

I am so pleased that your mom loves my blog! I couldn't ask for a better recommendation.

Anonymous said...

i thank all of you nice bloggers for your kind comments.
signed matty's mom