Friday, August 1, 2008

So what's up with you and redheads, Matty Boy?

What's it to you, hypothetical question asker? You writin' a book or somethin'?

In the spring of 2007, when this blog was just starting up, a website called BuzzFeed decided that Elizabeth Kucinich, pictured on the right, was a hot topic. I submitted a URL to them and they accepted it, and my blog became much more popular overnight. That first week my blog had a link on BuzzFeed is still one of the biggest weeks this blog has ever had, and people still stop by to ogle the towering elven queen and gigantic child brides in general.

This week, BuzzFeed decided Christina Hendricks from the TV show Mad Men was an important thing to talk about, so I submitted one of my posts about her from last summer, and once again, viewership is way up. It turns out people like pictures of pretty redheads. Who knew?

Yay, Flags of Many Lands™! Yay, Yemen!
I now have had visitors from every country on the Arab peninsula. Who'da thunk?

Who'da indeed, hypothetical question asker. Sorry I snapped at you earlier.


Friday means Random 10!

As I often do, I'm throwing some non randomness into the Random 10 by making this an all-Brit list, for no other reason than I feel like it. I'm also following Padre Mickey's lead from last week and putting in links to YouTube for the songs on the list that are available there.

Fiction Romance Buzzcocks
Strangers When We Meet David Bowie
Street Fighting Man Rolling Stones
Only You Yaz
When I Write the Book Nick Lowe
Anapse To Tsigaro 3 Mustaphas 3
Shallow Grave Elvis Costello
Singin’ the Blues Dave Edmunds
I Saw Her Standing There The Beatles
Cordoba Brian Eno/John Cale

Only batting .600 on The YouTubes this time out, and Nick Lowe gets two out of six, since Dave Edmunds cover of the country tune Singin' the Blues is by the band Rockpile, which was Dave and Nick's collaborative effort. Maybe the most obscure act on the list is 3 Mustaphas 3, a world beat band from the 1990's that put out several great albums, my favorite being Heart of Uncle. The lads looked and sounded as Brit as Brit can be, but they pretended they were extended family members from the Balkans and they all wore fezzes. I wish I could find a picture of their lead female singer Lavra Daviz. She wasn't a redhead, but she was certainly an exotic beauty.

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dguzman said...

You can post that elven queen anytime you want! Kucinich may have lost his bid for the presidency, but the guy's still got HER. *sigh*