Monday, September 8, 2008

If I may digress...

Now that I have a few more people stopping by my blog, I wanted to make sure some important information was widely disseminated.

Were you aware, gentle readers, that Superman is a dick?

You can learn about Superman's general dickishness, and so much more, when you visit Superdickery, a website devoted to ripping the lid off the well-documented bad behavior of DC Comics' most beloved character.

Maybe it's the long hours at little pay. Maybe it's undiagnosed Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Maybe he needs a real girlfriend, not that psycho stalker/hard-to-get tease Lois Lane.

But whatever the underlying causes, it's hard to deny that Superman is a dick.

It's not just his unfulfilling love life that could be the cause of Superman being a truly remarkable douche bag. Consider his relationship with his bestest "pal", Jimmy Olsen. Jimmy is a cub reporter, and he already shows many signs of the dickishness necessary to become a truly world class journalist. When your alleged best friend treats you like this, what option does Superman have?

Other than being a dick, that is.

Of course, just a few issues later, Superman gets back at Jimmy with this clever little object lesson, complete with disease spreading vermin.

Looking at these two examples, I think it's easy to see who is the bigger dick.

Or is it? Maybe it's the super powers that bring to the fore any latent dickishness a person might have. Besides Jimmy's Cheney-like level of evilness in this story, I like the fact that even with a super brain, he still shows up to his dead end job at The Daily Planet.

I suggest, in your copious free time, that you investigate the relative dickishness of these characters and more over at Superdickery.

WARNING: Some panels may cause milk to spurt out your nose, even if you don't drink milk.

In unrelated news, the numbers for the first week of the NFL season are up at Unified Football Theory, my other blog. As the weeks progress, I'll include rankings for net offense, net defense and net return, as well as pithy and trenchant analysis. This goes against my father's wise counsel to me as a lad, when he told me that if I was gonna be trenchant, I shouldn't get all pithy about it.


namastenancy said...

Oh woes!!!!! you've trashed one of my childhood heroes. Well, actually that was Wonder Woman who isn't a dick but still....I ask you, Mr. MartyBoy. Is nothing sacred? LOL!

Anonymous said...

I always suspected.

Matty Boy said...

Nancy, Jimmy Olsen was one of your childhood heroes? That's kind of sad, actually.

Or were you talking about Superman? Oops... My bad. Carry on.

namastenancy said...

You Are Bad. Bad Marty. Go to bed without dinner. Jimmy Olsen is a wimp. Wonder Woman was a full bodied, kick ass w-o-m-a-n!
Better than Superman any day of the week.

Matty Boy said...

Who is this Marty person?

namastenancy said...

A slight typo there, Mr. Matty Boy. It's you I'm looking at!