Tuesday, September 2, 2008

"I'm going to say what I wish you could say..."

Stop me if you've heard this one, it's a killer. In January of this year, Governor Sarah Palin is a guest on one of those Morning Zoo shows, you know, two wacky guys just saying what's on their minds. The transcript is just over a minute long and can be found, of course, on The You Tubes. Take a listen for yourself.

The woman they are talking about is Lyda Green, a Republican state senator, 69 years old, mother of three, grandmother of eight, and like John McCain, a cancer survivor. She represents a district that includes Wasilla. She and Gov. Palin don't get along, which is not that uncommon in the town where Palin was mayor. Her administration fired a lot of people and spent a lot of money on her pet projects. Palin withstood the challenge of a recall election.

The lead jackass calls Lyda Green a cancer and Sarah Palin does not interrupt. He calls her a bitch and Sarah Palin laughs. Ms. Green must have been making a point about not attending the State of the State address, and this grease weasel says he and his partner want to come see it, and Sarah says "We'd love to have you guys."

Let me write what you can repeat. Radio shows like this are a carcinogen on our airwaves, spreading hate and calling it entertainment. These two guys are just a tiny example, stuck in some backwater radio market. Don Imus is most powerful of these sources of human misery, and politicians flock to his show and laugh through the "outrageous" things he says. It cheapens political discourse so much that talk about issues is just "boring". We are stuck with the politics of sound bites, which does not help the health of the body politic.

Sarah Palin is stuck with this sound bite, and I hope that all the crap, all the lies, all the stupid statements, all the dreadful lack of judgment are enough to finally pull her down and she leaves the stage. John McCain is very hard headed and may not admit a mistake, which is likewise the standard operating procedure for the Republicans. I've heard of no groundswell to take her off the ticket from the Republican base, but guys in back rooms may be doing the numbers as we speak, and this is exactly the kind of drip, drip, drip shit storm that gives a negative story legs. Ask Mark Foley or Larry Craig or Elliot Spitzer or even David Vitter if you are unsure.

It's just a matter of time before some woman is on the ticket, either at the top or as a running mate, and that ticket prevails. I just pray to God it isn't this ticket or this woman, because she and McCain would be a disaster for our republic.


Karen Zipdrive said...

I heard Palin giggling and chuckling like a snotty school girl when those jackals were saying those atrocious things about Lyda Green.
If she had any sense of decorum, she would have walked out the moment the guys started taking inappropriately, but no.
There's a word for women like her, and it starts with a c and ends in an unt.

CDP said...

I'm hopeful that she'll stay in the race and that the voters will have enough sense to decide that here is yet another reason why John McCain is completely unfit to be President.

Anonymous said...

I've decided that my new message about Palin is this: She's the kind of woman that wingnuts love. Like Coulter, Schlafly, Ingraham, etc. They are will to suppress other women. Palin is cut from the same cloth.

This display on air is just another example of that. She wants to belong to the boys club bad enough that she'll happily throw her "sisters - even the Republican ones - under the proverbial bus.


Matty Boy said...

Good comments from all.

Reading the Alaska blogs, it looks like there are two separate Republican parties in Alaska, and at the state government level the Democrats are as meaningless as Republicans are in San Francisco. Lyda Green belongs to one sect and Sarah Palin to the other.

As for the Coulter/Ingraham thing, I think you make a good point, DCup, but I also think that the neglect of the infant is going to hurt her deeply with values voters. I have a post about this set up for this afternoon.