Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Leave the kids alone. Nail the adults' hides to the wall and tan them.

Did you hear George W. address us all directly in his little stay-away-from-Minneapolis speech last night? We're "the angry left!" Kinda chokes you up, doesn't it, getting called on in a speech by a sitting duck president?

Oops, I'm sorry, lame duck. My bad.

I lifted this picture from the fabulous Princess Sparkle Pony blog. Doesn't Cindi look glam-tastic? She's been dressing super shiny recently. The Princess says her nickname should be Lady Penelope from the marionette animation series Thunderbirds. But besides that, the Princess noted that Sarah is the odd person out in this picture. She's not screwing a politician, she is a politician.

Shouldn't Todd the politician screwer be in the spotlight, too? While I've talked about the baby mama drama, I really would rather that anyone under the age of 21 in this race be a stage prop that no one mentions. Todd, on the other hand, is a big boy and should know what the hell he got himself into. Will he be sent on good will missions like Cindy? Will he be asked his opinion about South Ossetia? At least we should know about how he feels now about Alaska seceding from the Union. While that kerfuffle is a couple decades old, from all I can tell it was Todd's bright idea and Sarah just went along to be a supportive wife, back when she thought that was a thing to do.

That day is done, my friends.

And, of course, trivia nerd that I am, I had to post a picture from the 1964 forgotten comedy classic Kisses For My President. Though I post this for a grin, this cover picture is completely impossible and unrepresentative of the current state of affairs, since:

1) Todd would slug anybody who got that hat within 10 feet of him.
2) If it's an important call, President Sarah won't be taking it.
3) Back in the day, I could actually fantasize about having sex with Polly Bergen. Which is not how I feel about Sarah. At. All.


Padre Mickey said...

FORNICATORS!!! The 'publican party condones fornication and even glorifies it!!!!!
Tell your friends!

dguzman said...

Fornicators and LIARS, Padre! SINNERS!