Saturday, September 20, 2008

More information than you actually need...

About My People and Our Agenda.

Technically, this isn't a giant woman picture. This is a shrunken man picture. While many of My People like any instance of a large woman and a small man together, some are choosy. Some only want a woman who is larger than the things in her environment. Some only want a man dwarfed by the world around him.

It is believed that my maternal grandfather Garmaliel Rogers, born in Oklahoma, was kin to Will Rogers, though we don't have any paperwork proving it. As my maybe cousin Will once said, "I belong to no organized political party. I'm a Democrat."

Likewise, I belong to no organized group of sexual weirdos. I like the big gurlz.

And by the way, the picture is from an ad campaign by the clothing manufacturers Kookai, who did a series of shrunken men ads about a decade ago.


Anonymous said...

I'm down for any instance of size difference, as long as the man is the smaller of the two.

It comes to mind to mention there are those that get particular about specific sizes too. The lady in question has to be this large, or "she ain't a giantess", that type of thing.

Weirdos. :)

I'd ask you what is Our Agenda, but I'd rather appear mysterious and in the know.

Matty Boy said...

Hello, anonymous, if that is in fact your name. Glad to have you on board.

I have a dear friend who is lesbian, and I sometimes chide her in good fun about "You people and your agenda". Since I have my own proclivities, it didn't feel fair that she should have an agenda and I had none, so I started using the phrase "My People and Our Agenda" just so I wouldn't feel left out.

Now I have to admit it. I have no idea what Our Agenda is. I also have no idea what my friend's Agenda is either, but it is fun to say.