Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New pet peeve

My peeve is directed at the Huffington Post, though I have plenty of peevishness to go around on this one. Katie Couric asked Sarah Palin about Roe v. Wade, and she had an opinion, of course. But after that, she couldn't name another Supreme Court case.

Not one. Stone silence. The Huffington Post called this a gaffe.

My peeve is that is not a gaffe. A gaffe is when I write Lance Rentzel when I mean Lance Alworth. A gaffe is confusing the Czech Republic with Czechoslovakia or Slovenia with Slovakia. It might be a lack of knowledge, it might be a slip of the tongue, but it's a gaffe.

Not knowing one other Supreme Court case is Rock F*#king Stupidity.

Just to show I am not Rock F*#king Stupid myself, here's a few Supreme Court cases I can recall without the help of the Google. Marbury v. Madison. Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, KS. Griswold v. Connecticut. Flood v. Major League Baseball.

Bush v. Gore, for pity's sake!

So, for the record, Sarah Barracuda shows some more of her massive supply of stupid, and the Huffington Post shows they should buy a new thesaurus or hire someone who can read a thesaurus.


FranIAm said...

Stunned into silence.

Mauigirl said...

This is a depth of ignorance that is really concerning. I don't care how well she might do in the upcoming debate (which I doubt she will), not being able to think of a single other Supreme Court case is pretty sad. I hope the American people realize that just being able to recite things as they re probably prepping her to do on Thursday, does not make you knowledgeable enough to be president.

thailandchani said...

Thursday night should prove to be revealing. Yikes!


DCup said...

Wow - that's a good point. A gaffe is one thing. Just flat out not knowing is something entirely different.

afeatheradrift said...

It's not that poor sarah is so stupid. She's not. It's that she is monumentally uninterested in the world and in learning anything. For a woman to be in her forties and to not be a knowledgeable about significant SCOTUS cases is simply a lack of inquisitiveness about the world. It's appalling.

Matty Boy said...

to afeather: There's the old gag. Is it ignorance or is is apathy?

I don't know and I don't care.

She lives a very insular life away from ideas that would challenge her world view. She doesn't accept any data that says people have anything to do with climate change, Philip Munger at ProgressiveAlaska says she believes humans and dinosaurs co-existed. Her church appears to be filled with what Padre Mickey lovingly calls "spittle-flecked snake handlers", including the practice of speaking in tongues, a long discredited stunt that has nothing to do with the actual Biblical story of the Pentecost.

Maybe I need a thesaurus to come up with a better word, but for now, I'm going to stick with Rock F*#king Stupidity, or RFS for short.

Distributorcap said...

we can laugh
but it aint funny

she also couldnt name a newspaper she read!

couric stood stunned. the nation is stunned. but yet i still hear people think she is kinda cute -- you know the veep u have a mooseburger with

esp as the financial markets collapse