Thursday, September 18, 2008

Nothing succeeds

I would like to go on the record and say I disliked Carly Fiorina long before I found out she was a Republican.

I will also admit I flip flopped on Carly Fiorina, in that I liked her before I disliked her. I was glad to see a woman get a top position, especially at Hewlitt-Packard, which was famously good to its employees for many a decade.

But as her tenure became more contentious, as she was responsible for more layoffs and more hiring of foreign workers to take American jobs, any time she got in hot water with the old guard at H-P, she was very fond of bringing out a line of defense that boiled down to "they're picking on me because I'm a girl".

No, they picked on you because you ruined the company and many people's lives in the process, though that didn't seem to cause you many sleepless nights.

A few years back, after she was fired from H-P, she said it was education that America needed to stay competitive. I don't disagree with that. A lot of people say that. But when someone who was famous for sending high tech jobs overseas says that, it just pisses me off.

I'm an educated person, Ms. Fiorina. But I can't be six times more educated than some guy with a degree in India. If I'm a software engineer, and thank God I'm not anymore, the Indian guy can claim to do my job for one sixth the salary, and you are the sort of person who would be happy to take my job from me and ship it to that guy.

Here's a little advice. After you stab a person in the back like that, it's not such a good idea to try to give him a pep talk.

She said some things this week the McCain campaign didn't like, so she is going to "disappear" for a while. She's still on the payroll, so she isn't getting the comeuppance she truly deserves, but I can applaud any bad thing that happens to Ms. Fiorina's work situation.

So Carly Fiorina "bounced back" from the ignominy of being fired for losing a company a boatload of money. Certainly there must be some level of public failure so great that a person is pretty much consigned to oblivion after some massive screw-up.

There must be, but it appears that the public screw-up must be worse than the one committed by Marcia Clark. The district attorney who rose to fame by failing to bring O.J. Simpson to justice still has a job, and a very public one at that. She's the legal correspondent for Entertainment Tonight. She dyed her hair blonde and maybe got a little work done, or switched to a much, much better make-up person, but there's our plucky little Marcia, dispensing tidbits of legal knowledge for all the rubes out in TV land.

Any idea what trial she's covering now?

C'mon, hypothetical question asker, that one's too easy. She's covering the new O.J. Simpson trial.

Yay, Flags of many lands!™
Yay, Mozambique!

Now that I have flags from 145 countries, including almost all of North America, South America and Europe, as well as much of Asia, new flags are fewer and farther between, but I'm always happy to see one more.


Friday means Random 10!

Try Me! James Brown
Past Three O’Clock The Chieftains
Beaten to the Punch Elvis Costello & the Attractions
Crawling From The Wreckage Dave Edmunds
I Told You So William Bell
The Love I Saw In You Was Just A Mirage Smokey Robinson & the Miracles
Red Right Hand Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Burning Down the House Talking Heads
She’s An Angel They Might Be Giants
Lady Marmalade Labelle

Last week closed with James Brown. This week he opens it up with an early song from his career before they figured out he wasn't a ballad singer. Nice triple play of Chieftains to Elvis (they worked together) to Dave Edmunds (he recorded Elvis songs and was bandmates with Nick Lowe, Elvis' producer). I'm sorry there is so little William Bell on YouTube, because discovering his stuff on the Stax/Volt box set was one of the highlights of those CDs. If you want a creepy song, you go with Tom Waits or Nick Cave or you don't go at all. More examples of my nerd street cred with Talking Heads and They Might Be Giants. And to close, Miss Patti singing her heart out.

If there's a heaven, and I get in, I hope they hand me a bass guitar, point me to the stage shouting "You're on, You're on! Go!" and I walk in and the drummer counts it out, and we start playing Lady Marmalade, and Miss Patti is blasting it out for all she's worth, 'cause she's worth a lot.

Yep. That would be heaven. Because that bass line is DA BOMB!


dguzman said...

Matty, you rock so. freakin'. hard.

I too flip-flopped on CFiorina for the same reasons as you. What kind of moron drives a huge giant like HP into the ground? A big fucking moron, that's what kind. And the fact that McFossil has her "advising" him in ANY capacity just tells you how stupid he is.

afeatheradrift said...

I was so pleased to see Carly get hers. I guess I was fairly ambivalent about her before she joined the McCain team and started her nonsense defending the undefendable one. So it was pure joy to see her sent to oblivion. I've never seen a campaign in such disarray. It suggests to me that McCain is not at the helm much, and the sub-chiefs are arguing among themselves a good deal. Yay I say.

Matty Boy said...

Yeah, Carly Fiorina and Phil Gramm are the definitely parts of the problem and not parts of the solution. I'm not in love with the gigantic bailout that Congress thinks is the solution, but I haven't read all the details yet.

I've read the one trillion dollar cost estimate. Where are we going to get that kind of money?

Knock wood, maybe now the campaign will be about real things, not imagined slights and nonsense.

sfmike said...

I would like to go on record and say that I've always hated Carly Fiorina. She basically destroyed a huge local business that had always been known for treating its employees well like the genius engineers they were. All she seemed to care about were the Wall Street vultures. She actually makes it harder for the next female to become CEO since she was such shit for all the reasons you have delineated. May she go far, far away.

Matty Boy said...

I've learned to expect you to be far ahead of the curve, my dear Michael.