Monday, September 29, 2008

The Palin plummet.

The McCain numbers are heading south, as Obama has been holding a steady five to six point lead in the daily tracking polls for nearly a week, but they are not heading south nearly as fast as the numbers for Sarah Palin. On September 11, her positive ratings were 15 points above her negative ratings. As of this weekend, her positive ratings are 10 points below her negatives, and she is losing support left, right and center.

I want to say that I put in writing that I thought Palin was a great pick for one 24 hour news cycle, but I thought by five days or so, the bloom would be off the rose. I was wrong about the five day prediction, largely because she diffused the question of who is the mother of baby Trig by coming out and saying her daughter Bristol was pregnant out of wedlock. The way the Republican base rallied around this white trash story was yet another example of something we have seen dozens of times this decade, the special exception known as It's Okay If You're A Republican, shortened to the acronym IOKIYAR.

Since I admitted I was wrong about how quickly her numbers would turn south, I would like to say that I got one of her problems right by stating that media is a plural. No, it's not just that one of her now famous rambling non-answer answers had her using the word "mediums" for "media", but that she is taking attacks from many different parts of the press, left, right and center. That left-wing bloggers don't like her is a given, but she also has taken hits from centrists like CNN's Campbell Brown, who chides the McCain campaign as sexist for keeping her from the fray, the resident CNN curmudgeon Jack Cafferty, who is terrified by some of her incoherent answers, and Fareed Zakaria, who has asked if it is possible to put her out of our misery. On the right, George Will expressed doubts nearly from the very beginning, and the National Review's Kathleen Parker, once a supporter, eviscerated her last week.

Since Palin herself self-identified as a pitbull with lipstick, I think it is fair to lump her in with other right wing female attack dogs. If we continue the metaphor, it is fair to call Palin, Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter bitches, and it is also fair to say they have overstayed their welcome. It's no surprise they are reviled on the left, but even right wing blogs feel free to criticize all three of them from time to time. Malkin spearheaded the charge to boycott Dunkin' Donuts because spokesperson Rachel Ray wore a scarf Malkin thought looked too "Palestinian", and a lot of right wingers thought it made the entire movement look trivial and foolish. Coulter's 'comic' calls for the deaths of people she disagrees with politically are legion, and many right wing commentators have failed to see the humor in wishing that the New York Times is bombed or that a sitting Supreme Court justice is poisoned.

So Sarah Palin can find no safe haven, attacked in the pages of the National Review and the National Enquirer alike. From her personal life to her far too personal management style to the rambling non-answers she gives to questions that remind people of that poor idiot of a beauty pageant contestant from South Carolina who wandered through one of the most embarrassing bits of public speaking ever seen.

Since I have admitted my own errors in how quickly it would take the public to turn on her, I will toot my own horn a bit and note that if you Google "palin narcissism dsm iv", your top choice will lead you to my humble blog. Sarah Palin is not going away unless the electorate wills it, because she actually thinks she deserves to be vice president, which might be the scariest thing about her.


Karen Zipdrive said...

I used to hope McCain would drop her from the ticket and use the "leaving to spend more time with the family" excuse.
Now I hope he keeps her to the bitter end.
I think Palin will not only help contribute to Obama's landslide victory, she will also help cast all Republicans running for office or reelection in a dim light.

CDP said...

I'm with Karen Z. The longer she's in it, the more people will see her for the poorly-educated, ill-informed, unqualified, rigid ideologue that she is.

Mauigirl said...

I agree. Keeping Palin on the ticket is a surefire inspiration for more people to vote for Obama.

dguzman said...

You nailed it in that last line, Matty Boy. That is indeed the most frightening thing about her.