Saturday, September 27, 2008

Paul Newman 1925-2008

Paul Newman has died at the age of 83. He was one of the best film actors of his generation. He was drop dead gorgeous back in the day, and with Steve McQueen and Charles Bronson and few others, he defined what cool was.

But for all his accomplishments in front of the camera, most importantly he was a man. He stayed married to his lovely wife. He stood firm for what he believed in. He gave back to the community.

He had a lot of great roles when he was young and beautiful. He could deliver a smartass line better than anyone this side of Humphrey Bogart. He also did some great work as an old man, including The Road to Perdition and The Hudsucker Proxy. But for some reason, the thing I think about now is the time when he paid for a full page ad in Variety, begging his friends not to watch The Silver Chalice on TV, an early and truly forgettable role in his career. I never met him, but that silly little detail endears him to me.

God bless and keep Paul Newman. All the best wishes to his friends and family, from a fan.


namastenancy said...

I read the news today with little surprise but great sadness. The world is diminished by his loss.

sfmike said...

I love "The Silver Chalice." It used to play endlessly on Los Angeles TV stations when I was growing up. Right now I'm watching "Exodus," of all things, where he stars as Ari, the Israeli Freedom Fighter. It's very bizarre.

My favorite of his movies is probably "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" where he and Elizabeth Taylor are at that moment in time where they are both so surpassingly sexy that the plot (them not having sex) just looks ridiculous. I always thought he was the coolest.

Matty Boy said...

I was flipping through channels today and fell upon a SciFi Channel movie marathon. Given that you have in the past said you loved these things, Mike, I can believe you enjoyed The Silver Chalice, which seems like Ibsen in comparison.

Yeah, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is a little hard to believe. I think they would have to have sex with each other even if BOTH of them were gay.

Lulu Maude said...

Shine on brightly.Love is the best sort of immortality, and he gave and received it all the way through.