Monday, September 1, 2008

Remember, Britney Spears and her parents are Republicans, too.

The pregnancy story won't go away. It's not like I think I'm Bill O'Reilly or something, that if I don't look out for you Little Folks, the story withers and dies. Andrew Sullivan, who writes for the Atlantic, is covering the same stuff on his blog, and he has an order of magnitude or two more readers than I do. This story may be all smoke and no fire, but I find it fascinating and it shows exactly why campaigns are supposed to vet vice presidential picks. And as we know, it's my blog and I write about whatever I want to.

The picture on the left is Sarah Palin pregnant with her first child in the third trimester. The picture on the right is Sarah pregnant with her fifth child in the third trimester. Sarah is a tiny little thing, 5'3" on her tallest day. All the medical stuff I've read is that women tend to show as much or more in later pregnancies than they do in earlier pregnancies. Of course, these are tendencies, which means it's statistical, and statistics is something I know about a little bit. But she doesn't look pregnant here, especially not third trimester.

There are also published pictures from this year where Sarah Palin looks obviously pregnant. Case closed, they say! Shut up, left wing bloggers! You are so stoopid! Haw, haw, haw left wing bloggers! You are worng agin!

Non-pregnant actresses can look pregnant with the right padding. When they take off the padding, they don't look pregnant anymore.

I don't know if she was pregnant or not, but I know you can't be a little bit pregnant. When you are pregnant, you are pregnant 24/7 for more than half a year, with every day promising to be a little more physically exhausting than the day before.

The video of her when she chastises Hillary for whining would be from her third trimester. She has her legs crossed at the thigh and comfortably leans forward. That's a tough thing to do for someone with a big belly.

From that same interview, she talks about politics and motherhood for a minute and a half and doesn't mention that she is pregnant at that very moment. Again, with legs crossed and leaning forward comfortably.

She would be five months pregnant when she's in a video, taking a hike from her home to her office in the rain, wearing high heels and drinking a coffee. At the 5:50 mark, she talks about how she likes running because it "tears up your gut". Not exactly the language a pregnant woman would happily use.

I don't have photos or film of her on April 19, but the flight attendants said she wasn't showing when she said she was not only pregnant but her water had broken and she was having her first labor contractions. If she looked like she does in this picture, someone would have noticed. Also, eight hours sitting unable to control the flow of fluid, her seat should have been soaked straight through.

You can't be a little bit pregnant.

This picture, a behind the scenes photo from the People magazine photo shoot, is being used by some to say that it's Bristol who looks post pregnant, not Sarah, and some others are using it to say Bristol is pregnant right now. I'm very sorry Bristol and Trig are part of this story. Sarah Palin and her husband made the decision to get into this meat grinder for reasons of selfish glory and power, but the kids have no say and they are thrown in as well.

Let me say again that I don't know any more about the circumstances of Trig Palin's birth than what the Palin family has released, but her decisions on that day are impossible to defend if she was pregnant. If her story is true, she had the option to have the baby in Dallas, or when the flight touched down in Seattle, or at several hospitals in Anchorage that are better equipped to handle high risk births, and a baby born a month premature who is known to have Down's syndrome has to qualify as high risk. Waiting eight hours or more after your water has broken increases the chances for sepsis, which is hazardous for both mother and child.

Then there's the picture of Bristol holding Trig at the rally on Friday. Andrew Sullivan pointed out that it looks like she's wearing a ring, left hand third finger. Married? Engaged? She 17 years old, for those of you who haven't been keeping track.

The official story of Todd and Sarah Palin's marriage is that they eloped. Kinda sounds romantic, but if you are traditional family values folks, eloped usually means knocked up, and their first kid is born eight months after.

I really want to take the focus away from Trig and Bristol and move it back to Sarah and more importantly, to John McCain. There are two possible explanations for what happened on April 18. One is that she was lying, and if so she will be found out and she's through. The other is that she showed horrible judgment, which was compounded by returning to work three days after giving birth to a child one month premature.

And then there's McCain. According to Sidney Blumenthal, a Clinton insider who often reports in a gossipy way on politics from all parts of the American political spectrum, Karl Rove, who is an unpaid advisor to McCain, pushed for Mitt Romney through his surrogates in the paid McCain camp while McCain wanted his friend Joe Lieberman. Palin was not so much a compromise as it was McCain petulantly making sure that if he wouldn't get what he wanted, the people who were telling him what to do wouldn't get what they wanted, either. McCain in one of his many books says that this is exactly his modus operandi, making rash, spur of the moment decisions, then standing behind them, no matter what.

That is the last thing we want in a president and commander in chief right now.

p.s. I want to add a few folks to my blog roll that are long overdue. DCup, wife of blog buddy Mathman, is following this story on her blog Politits, and Karen Zipdrive, one of the best commenters on Princess Sparkle Pony, is on the job over at Pulp Friction. Keep up the good work, y'all, and welcome.


FranIAm said...

Excellent post - excellent post.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Way excellent, and thanks for the link darlin'.
I tell you what, Matty Boy, that one photo of Bristol holding the baby while washboard belly Sarah is playing with him tells the whole damn story IMO.
Bristol has the classic post natal belly and the mom absolutely does not.
Game, set, match.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Jess Wundrun has the best snippet of the day in light of the latest news:
"Irish twins."

Anonymous said...

What an awesome, thorough post. Thanks for adding me to the blogroll. I know I can't keep up with you math-types all the time, so this is a real honor!

Keep up the good work. There's still more there - there.