Monday, September 1, 2008

Sarah Palin's Labor Day Weekend

72 hours and counting...

This backstage picture from Friday's photo shoot for People magazine had tongues wagging immediately. After all, pictures of celebrity baby bumps and celebs battling post-baby fat are more popular than lolz cats on the Internets these days. So the first untold truth leaks out whether they wanted it to or not.

Bristol Palin, age 17, is pregnant out of wedlock. She will marry the father, eventually. The report is that she is five months pregnant, which puts her out of the running for being Trig Palin's mom. The timing could be a lie, because they are lying a lot. If she's three months pregnant, she could still be the one who gave birth to the baby she holds in her arms in this picture.

But let's assume the official time line is true, and that Sarah Palin gave birth to Trig on April 18, 2008. (Note that those are two different assumptions.) By coincidence, it was a Friday. That is the day her water broke in Texas, she flew for eight hours plus from Dallas to Seattle to Anchorage while having labor pains, then drove 50 minutes to a small clinic on the outskirts of Wasilla to give birth to a special needs baby 30 days premature, risking sepsis and who knows what other complications. Then according to her official website, she was back at work three days later, which would be Monday, April 21. Little Trig Palin had a full time mommy for 72 whole hours.

Some may accuse me of being sexist here, but I adamantly deny that charge. Newborn babies have no understanding of language. They have three non-negotiable demands, and these demands can be made any time, day or night.

1. Feed me!
2. Hold me!
3. Clean me!

Anyone who cares about the child can do the second or third, but demand #1 is really "Feed me, mommy!" This isn't chauvinism. This is Biology 101. Anyone who has a family or even has a younger sibling knows this. How a mother of four could forget it and go back to work and consider it a point of pride is beyond me.

But so much of what Sarah Palin considers common sense good ideas are just as bewildering, and so many of the things she has said in these first 72 hours of mega-celebrity have already turned out to be lies. She knew what she was throwing her oldest daughter into. She didn't care. She positions herself as a reformer when she was the chairwoman of corrupt old scumbag Ted Stevens' political action committee. She ran for governor on a platform of building The Bridge To Nowhere, then changed her mind when she got into office. For a quick rundown of her political sins, check out the Progressive Alaska blog run by Philip Munger.

But all of this truly reflects on John McCain. Either he knew about Palin's life or he didn't.

If he knew, he's a God forsaken idiot, because no Republican in their right mind would want to lift the rock off of Alaska politics and have a bright light shining down on what is squirming and festering underneath. It makes Florida or Louisiana or Chicago look squeaky clean by comparison.

If he didn't know, he's a lazy old man who can't be bothered to do the hard work that it takes to be president.

Either way, he lacks judgment, which all the experience in the world can't give to someone who isn't paying attention.

Our country and the whole world cannot afford him as our next president.

From my lips to God's ear. Amen.


susan s. said...

Hi, Matty. Well, you weren't the only man doing this, so don't be so vain ;-) but my take on this is that there will be a big sympathy vote because there are lots of people who have lived out this scenario with their children. As I said at Padre's place, the political reasons are the ones that need to be pointed up... by all of us. Maybe it is because I am a woman, or maybe as David said, it's because I need a nap, but we don't have to stoop this low to get our guys elected. Please believe me.

karenzipdrive said...

Matty, I sure am glad I finally found your blog.
On CNN this moment, Wolf Blitzer is having a round table discussion about the multi-level Palin scandals.
They all seem to agree that the teen baby issue is an indictment of abstinence only/ no sex ed policies of these neo-cons, but even more interesting is the news that Palin has hired an attorney to represent her in the Troopergate matter. Audio tapes exist. Her opponent is a well respected police professional. She's gonna take a fall over this.
In short, her goose is in the oven and its skin is turning a golden brown.
And McCain's first executive act as a potential president was to choose a vice president. And he's failed. Big Time.

Matty Boy said...

Hey, Susan, thanks for stopping by. No need to clutter up my buddy Padre Mickey's page.

You're right, there could be a sympathy backlash, but her "base" are not the forgiving kind on this topic. She's a working mom, and they kind of hate working moms. And a working mom of a three day old newborn, that's going to cut against her at least 80%-20% across the board and more with her base.

The Troopergate stuff is going to hurt, her on the morning zoo radio program laughing as the hosts called her opponent a "bitch" and a "cancer" is going to hurt, her wasteful spending as mayor is going to hurt. According to Progressive Alaska, the McCain vetting team is just showing up now.

Karen Zip, you are my favorite regular commenter over at PSP (other than me, of course :^}) and I was a damn fool for not adding you to my blogroll ages ago. Thanks for stopping by, and expect to see my name in your comment box soon and often.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Did you see what my sister wrote about Palin doing all that dangerous stuff when she was allegedly pregnant?
Walking downhill on ice in heels, drinking coffee, running till her guts hurt, flying in her third trimester, ignoring medical care for hours after her water broke...
Abortion may be a sin to her, but I guess triggering a miscarriage is okie dokie.
And if she's against abortion even in cases of rape, why bother getting her amnio tested for birth defects?
What a fucking joke.

Anonymous said...

You raise some excellent points here. This points to the hypocrisy of the far Right. They're pro-fetus more than pro-life. Except, well, Palin took some serious risks with her fetus, too, if her story is true. Huh.

Medical records would solve this. I'd be happy to move on to other issues.

no_slappz said...

McCain lacks judgment? Your lack of irony is humorous.

Let's see. Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayres and Tony Rezko. That covers Obama's lack of religious, political and financial judgment. What's left that matters?

Meanwhile, Palin is the less experienced person running for V.P. She's not the wholly lacking in experience person running for president. I know, in Obama's case the lack of experience is refreshing.

Anyway, Harry Truman lacked a college degree. Nevertheless, FDR plucked him from obscurity. But FDR never bothered to tell Truman about the bomb. It wasn't till FDR was dead that Truman was told. He went forward with the bomb's development and he dropped two of them on Japan, which led to Japan's unconditional surrender days later.

For a guy with no experience and a limited education he did well.

Matty Boy said...

nice to see you, slappz. How are things going for you? I see your blog has been up for eleven months, and your counter is still not at 700 yet. No commenters, essentially no readers.

Sad, really.

Are you old enough to remember the Beatles? Do you see yourself more as Eleanor Rigby or Father MacKenzie?

I can understand why you stop by. It must be a miserable existence over there doing all that work and fucking no one reads it.

namastenancy said...

Matty Boy - YOU ROCK! I'm linking to you and the Alaska blog on my LJ. We don't need to invent issues with this lady - or the neo-coms either. The issues are screaming their heads off (just like a new born child). Oh wait. This kid is at least 8 years old and going into early puberty, complete with zits and attitude. I don't want to see him take the country down any further.