Friday, September 26, 2008

A standalone Random 10

Friday means Random 10!

Ancient photo of Padre Mickey and Matty Boy, taken by The Lovely Mona.

Substitute The Ramones
I’ve Been to Memphis Lyle Lovett
Unmarked Helicopters Soul Coughing
Through These Architect’s Eyes David Bowie
Spanish Bombs The Clash
Gun Street Girl Tom Waits
Mansize Rooster Supergrass
Got To Get You Into My Life The Beatles
Town Cryer Elvis Costello & the Attractions
Let’s Start a Rumour The Wonders of Science

Those of you who also check out Padre Mickey's Dance Party know that I nicked the idea of the Random 10 from him. He posts his Random 10 on Friday as well, and always as a separate post, while I usually stick mine at the end of whatever else I want to say on a Friday. I decided to present this one Padre Mickey style because of how much influence he has on these songs randomly chosen from my computer.

I never listened to The Ramones, The Clash or Supergrass until Padre Mickey told me I should.

I had listened to David Bowie before I met Padre Mickey, but he let me know that I probably should listen to more.

I did listen to plenty of both Tom Waits and Elvis Costello before I met Padre Mickey, and these musical influences convinced Padre Mickey that I might have a small spark of cool and it was okay to form a band with me.

The band was The Wonders of Science, so I never would have recorded Let's Start a Rumour except that I met Padre Mickey.

So when people ask "Who are your musical influences?", somewhere near the top of the list I put... Padre Mickey.

Padre Mickey is on the road this week. Bon voyage, Padre, and a safe trip back to Panama and your lovely bride.

(Jeez, I repeated his name so many times, you'd think I was Sarah Palin or something.)


CDP said...

Well, you can't put lipstick on a priest...

Nice picture; you guys were cool!

Karlacita! said...

Very Liverpudlian, Padre - and hey check out el pleno cabeza de pelo!

O quizás jefe del pelo completo?

Matteo, I love your pensive and hopeful look with the slightly pursed lips. Your whole future lay ahead of you and your high cheekbones!


Anonymous said...

Not to be sexist or anything but rawr.

That is all.

dguzman said...

Not to be straight or anything, but mee-yow.

You two were smokin' hawt.

FranIAm said...

Rawr and meow from me too.

If I were not married, broke and too short - I would have gotten on a plane to SF a long time ago Matty and that is all I will say about that!!

You know that I adore el Padre and that via my blogfrienship with him a whole world has opened up to me.

And the Lovely Mona is doing a great job at the dance party this week.

My blogfriend Jane, who I speak with often, had dinner with Padre this week.

Ah what a tiny, cute bloggy world we share together.

Matty Boy said...

Okay, I'll admit it. I was a cutie. I was sucking in my cheeks to look all Duran Duran , but I should have looked into the camera, I can say in prefect hindsight.

Padre Mickey's cuteness, much more useful than mine. Married to the Lovely Mona, father to the gorgeous Dres-babies, abuelo to the adorable Dres-baby-babies.

let this be a lesson to the cute young people out there.

FranIAm said...

OK, not wanting to embarrass either of us, I shall simply question your use of the past tense was and also wonder why you are still not looking into the camera.

Please allow me to skulk away with some shred of dignity left and some semblance of normalcy for you!!!