Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wednesday Math, Vol. 37: The Done Blowed Up Function

Matty Boy! You are gonna do math today? I mean, you have been all Sarah, all the time since Friday. You think readers really want to read about math and not Caribou Barbie?

Well, hypothetical question asker, it's Wednesday, and Wednesday is Math Day here at Lotsa 'Splainin' 2 Do. There's still more to the Sarah Palin story, and who knows but I might have a second post later today, but I have set myself to a schedule, and as we know, a man must have a code.

As Omar Little might say, "Oh, indeed."

Anyone who can remember high school algebra and graphing functions will recall that some functions have points called vertical asymptotes, places where you can't plug in the value into the equation for the function because you get something illegal, like dividing a non-zero number by zero.

The simplest such function is y = 1/x. When x is close to zero and positive, y can get as big as you want it to, approaching infinity. When x is close to zero and negative, y approaches negative infinity.

But when we measure real things in the real world, no measure ever gets infinite. Sometimes we can get a huge spike, and as we say in math, then we have a function that done blowed up.

For example, here is the visitor graph for an Alaskan blog titled Immoral Minority. New blog buddy Gryphen's corner of the Internets was getting a few hundred visitors a day on average as of August 28, then BANG! His visitor count done blowed up to 4,000 on Friday, then showed a second surge of blowed uppedness on Monday.

I wonder what he's writing about?

Oh, hypothetical, don't be so naive.

But for true done blowed upitude, let's take a look at the stats for Progressive Alaska, run by Philip Munger. It's hard to tell, but those tiny little bars on his bar chart from August 2 to August 28 represent several hundred visitors a day, about twice as many as over at Immoral Minority or at the blog shown in the third example. They are so hard to see because on Friday, his done blowed uposity climbed to over 50,000 hits, and even when his viewership fell off on Saturday, he's still getting over 10,000 hits a day. To put that in perspective, my personal blogger hero Princess Sparkle Pony has been getting about a 1,000 hits a day for several years now.

Done blowed up? Oh, indeed.

Then we have this third example. Here we see a jump on August 31, but not a done blowed up. I mean, this graph is a little pouffy, kind of like Sarah Palin's hair back in the 1980's, but no one would call this an example of done blowed uppishness.

Whose weak stats are these? Some guy named Matty Boy, or something like that.

I have posted links to these important Alaskan sources of info, but I have not put them on my permanent blog buddy list. I'm still not sure Sarah Palin's nomination will last the week, but I decided if the gavel falls in Minneapolis and she's still on the ticket, these two blogs from The Last Frontier will get places on my compact but expanding blog buddy list.

I made this decision and I'm sticking to it, because a man must have a code, right, Omar?

"Oh, indeed."

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jolie said...

sarah palin owes a lot to the feminist movement, including having the down syndrome child.

to 'splain: she had options, and she CHOSE to have him. because good women & men fought to secure a woman's right to choose to have a child, sarah palin had a choice, and only she decided who would be involved in her choice.

anti-choice supporters would prefer women be told what to do, especially in gynocological matters. oh um, except in cases where they themselves are personally affected.