Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What reform looks like in Alaska.

The Washington Post reports that Governor Sarah Palin has been collecting a per diem for days when she stayed at home, and when she traveled with family, charged the state for her kids' travel expenses, too. This money is supposed to be for people on official business.

But on the bright side, she is stealing a lot less than former Governor Frank Murkowski. There is widespread consensus on this point.

Then there's the story from Palin's tenure as mayor, with the original reports quoted fresh on the web by new blog buddy Philip Munger of ProgressiveAlaska. The State of Alaska passed a statewide law that forbade municipalities from charging rape victims with the price of the investigation. This was because the township of Wasilla, under Sarah Palin's favorite hire police chief Charlie Fannon instituted this policy, just to save the taxpayers some money.

And possibly to muzzle rape victims? Oh, that's just a side benefit, I'm sure.

Ms. Palin has spent so much time neck deep in the cesspool that is Alaska politics, she probably thinks it's a Jacuzzi.

What would crusading yet fictional editor Gus Haynes have to say about this?


Distributorcap said...

how about the guy at the ALaska National Guard - the one who said Palin had no responsibility there - and then changed his story.

he got promoted

no explanation needed

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I love how tenacious you are with this Sarah Palin.

Matty Boy said...

We've got to keep hitting. A McCain-Palin administration could be a slightly different but even worse nightmare than the eight year nightmare we're living through right now.

FranIAm said...

You have the goods here Matty- thank you.

Anonymous said...

I sashayed into my boss's office this morning and announced that I would be submitting daily living expenses and my commute charges for reimbursement.

He asked me if I was running for office.

I'm going to chip away at his Palin/McCain vote yet.