Friday, September 12, 2008

Ya know something that really bugs me, Charlie?

Ya know, Charlie, there's one thing that really gets my goat, Charlie. When I'm having a conversation with another person, and there's nobody else in the conversation, Charlie, and that person keeps repeating my name.

I first noticed it when I was with pushy salesmen, Charlie, usually when I was planning to purchase something expensive, Charlie, ya know, like some new clothes or a stereo or a car. Sometime when I was gonna plunk down hundreds of hard earned dollars, Charlie, or maybe even more.

Whenever I hear someone do that, Charlie, I get this funny feeling that they are trying to sell me something and I start wondering in the back of my mind, "Can I really afford this? The person talking to me won't tell me, I know that for sure. I'd better step back, because I know this person does not have my best interests at heart."

Charlie, didja ever find yourself in similar situation? Do ya know what I'm talk about, Charlie?


Padre Mickey said...

And have you noticed, Charlie, all those who are hell-bent to try to make us blink? Huh, Charlie? Why are the hell-bent on making us blink? We can't blink, Charlie, because that would keep us from seeing Russia from land here in Alaska, Charlie. Blinking is bad. You know what else causes blinking, Charlie? Putting mascara on a pig. No, it's true, Charlie. And you wouldn't believe all the blinking that goes on when one is hell-bent to put mascara on a pitbull, Charlie; it's shocking. Charlie-Charlie-Charlie-hell-bent-hell-bent-hell-bent-blinkity-blinkity-blink-President's world view!

FranIAm said...

The Bush Doctrine, Charlie... ya know that is all about where the preznit goes to get his health care. And the McCain doctrine will be the same only bigger because John is not a young or healthy man, Charlie.

Charlie, ya know I don't have a Palin doctrine 'cause I am 44 and I hunt and fish and run marathons.

I love Mickey's blinkey blinkies.

She is sca-wee!

Matty Boy said...

Ya know, I haven't watched the whole thing, Charlie, so I'll have to take the padre's word on the not blinking thing. Ya know who else did that no blinking thing, Charlie? Ross Perot on those infomercials he ran when we was trying to be president. Old Ross was a champion non-blinker, Charlie, you should go back and watch those tapes sometime, Charlie, I tell you what.

Anonymous said...

Nailed it Matty, just nailed it. You captured exactly what was going on. Being sold snake oil again aren't we?

dguzman said...

I can't WAIT for the debates!

CDP said...

Hilarious. So much to mock in that interview, ao little time.

karenzipdrive said...

In what regard, Charlie?