Thursday, October 16, 2008

Consult your doctor...

To see if Transformix is right for you.

Photo taken at last night's debate. As Princess Sparkle Pony has already told us, UNBELIEVABLY NOT PHOTOSHOPPED.


Jess Wundrun said...

I used to feel a little sorry for Cindy.

Now I feel a lot sorry for her.

dguzman said...


I'm creeped out by the thought of him and Cindy together in bed. Blech.

FranIAm said...

That tongue is a little freakin' scary.

No a lot freakin' scary.



STFU,I am sick now.

tangobaby said...

I have a new one posted today that is photoshopped, but done so well that it's worth looking at.

namastenancy sent me over here to say hello, so here I am. Hello!

Matty Boy said...

Hello, tangobaby. Nice back you have there.

Nobody told us somebody triple dog dared John McCain to make that face. It's clear now he had no choice.

tangobaby said...

I have to give Louise Brooks credit for the nice back (long story) but I don't believe that she's been photoshopped.

I'm sure McCain's been triple-dog dared to do a whole bunch of stuff he didn't want to do this year, like not getting to choose his best buddy Liebermann for the VP ticket, stirring up racist hatred at his rallies, you know, stuff like that. Getting his tongue stuck to a frozen pole would have been like a walk in the park in comparison.