Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hey, John! There's a bus for Phoenix in ten minutes! Be under it.

The lumpy guy on the right of this picture, the guy who makes John McCain look youthful and vibrant and active by comparison, that's Arizona's junior senator Jon Kyl. Kyl gave an interview to an Arizona newspaper this weekend.

With friends like these, who needs enemas?

For my busy readers who just don't have time to click on a link, the money quote is this.

Unfortunately, I think John McCain might be added to that long list of Arizonans who ran for president but were never elected," Kyl said, listing Republican Barry Goldwater, Udall and Democrat Bruce Babbitt. "Maybe, we'll be able to say Arizona's the only state where your child can't grow up to be president. Let's hope that doesn't happen," the Republican added.

"If it's not John McCain, it'll be another Arizonan someday," said Kyl.

Though Princess Sparkle Pony isn't here to chide me if I say something mean about Cindy McCain, let me add that Cindy looks fabulous in this picture. She can even make beige work, as long as she stays away from those granny shawls.

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dguzman said...

*snicker* Way to go, Kyl! And gees, was he tortured in POW-camp too? What's with the double-shoulder hump?

("What hump?")