Saturday, October 11, 2008

How come the main deck's at that weird angle? And where are all the rats going?

This editorial cartoon is from mid 2007. It seems like a lifetime ago, but remember that earlier this year, it looked like the Republican race would drag on forever, and Obama would have smooth sailing.

Of course, story numero uno is that the investigation into Sarah Palin says she abused her powers in firing Walt Monegan. She's the governor, she clearly has the right to fire him, but she said it had nothing to do with her family squabbles, and the Alaskan legislators who looked into it said... hmmm... it kinda did have something to do with the family squabble.

Sarah ignored the subpeona, Todd didn't. As stupid as she seems sometimes, I think she's the brains of the outfit.

After a week of calling Obama a terrorist sympathizer, McCain actually had to take his audience to task for the over the top stuff they say. He told them Obama was a good, honest family man AND THEY BOOED HIM! In Minnesota, no less!

You ever heard of Minnesota nice? Apparently, it's not the whole population.

Ana Marie Cox, who is covering the McCain campaign, was on Rachel Maddow's show on Friday. She says there are always crazy people at campaign rallies, but at the McCain rallies now, the crazy now appear to be the vast majority. YouTube clips of video bloggers asking questions in Pennsylvania confirm this.

And now we have another elite, effete, conservative snob leaving the ship, William F. Buckley's son Christopher. Unlike George Will or Kathleen Parker who are just disgusted with the Sarah Palin in particular and some of the McCain campaign in general, Buckley actually makes the conservative case for voting for Obama. He decided to write this on Tina Brown's website The Daily Beast instead of on National Review Online, where he still has an open invitation, being the founder's son and all. His reason was this. Kathleen Parker, who originally supported Palin, famously wrote a piece against her on NRO, and received 12,000 pieces of hate mail, according to Buckley.

As an American, I'm used to seeing campaigns in massive disarray, but as an American, I'm used to it being the Democrats.

As I say when I write the Sunday Numbers, don't celebrate early. McCain could still win this thing, but it would now take several miracles giving him several positive new cycles. It might take as many as ten in a row now, and he's running out of time. The things that have happened since September 14 aren't miracles, far from it, but every bit of big news for about a month has hit the U.S.S. McCain under the water line, and it will be lucky to limp into port, never mind winning the battle.


Anonymous said...

He's toast . . . what a crappy campaign team.

PseudoPiskie said...

McCain is not toast here in PA. Too many people won't vote for Barack because, well, he isn't qualified. He isn't qualified because he isn't white. Ugh.

Matty Boy said...

z&m: I agree. People give huge credit to Lee Atwater and Karl Rove, maybe a little too much. Steve Schmidt is the third string quarterback, and like most of them, he kinda sucks.

pseudopiskie: If I told you that McCain has about 1 chance in 10,000 of winning a fair election in Pennsylvania if it were held today, would that make you feel better or worse?

There are still people who are going to vote for McCain everywhere. It won't be unanimous, but if it continues to go this way, it will be a landslide.

FranIAm said...

If they are going that crazy in Minnesota, we are screwed.

And all those videos- horrifying.

I must say that it is a delight to see PsuedoPiskie here.

Distributorcap said...

my cousin told me that his neighbor had a mccain palin sign on her lawn (in NJ of all places) and the other morning someone dumped a can of garbage on it (nothing harmful, just smelly garbage).

i know its mean and we shouldnt be stooping to the level of the gop but i cannot help myself (so amon g friends)


this is what they used to do to democrats

Matty Boy said...

I don't want to see incitements to violence or vandalism from either side. The economic news is going to stay bad for several more months, and people are going to get crazier before they get more sane. This economic stuff is like climate change, much more volatility and completely unpredictable events.

I know how people feel, though. Even here in Oakland, a very liberal town in a very liberal region, I run into McCain-Palin supporters, and all I really want to do is ask them if they are insane.

Anonymous said...

I was watching CNN a little while ago. Now they're going all theocrat to hang on to their base. It's like a game of bumper cars.