Tuesday, October 21, 2008

John McCain and the crazy ladies

John McCain has a crazy lady problem. I'm not talking about the crazy lady at the town hall meeting who said "Obama's an Arab." I'm not even talking about Minnesota congressional nut job Michele Bachmann, who on Friday said that the press should look into who in Congress is pro-America and who is anti-America. He can't control who shows up at his rallies and as far as I can tell, Bachmann isn't directly on the McCain payroll.

The crazy ladies to whom I refer are in this picture. As we move left to right we get people who are closer to the candidate, and so whose nut job behavior reflects on him as a candidate and as a man whose honor is in serious question.

Crazy Lady #1 on the left is McCain spokeswoman Nancy Pfotenhauer. Recently, discussing McCain's dismal poll numbers in Virginia, a state Bush won handily in 2004, Pfotenhauer said that McCain's message was resonating in the "real Virginia", implying that places where people might prefer Barack Obama weren't real.

Crazy Lady #2 is of course Sarah Palin, the woman that John McCain swears up and down is qualified to run this country should the unlikely event of his election occur and something happen to him, God forbid both of those things. Her travel stops tend to be in small towns instead of cities, and she also said that the places she stops are "the real America" and the "Pro-America parts of this great country". So now people like me who have lived in major metropolitan areas my entire life are not just un-real Americans, we are anti-Americans. If you saw The Daily Show on Monday, Oct. 20, it's crystal clear that Jon Stewart read her comments the same way, and the gloves are off. What Letterman did to McCain after McCain blew him off is nothing compared to what Stewart will do now.

We save the best (or worst) for last, Crazy Lady #3, McCain's lovely trophy wife Cindy, who is by his side at many rallies and campaign stops. The standard use of a wife in a campaign is to have her talk about the wonderful man she married and his wonderful vision for the future of this great land of ours. But Cindy has gotten it into her superbly coiffed head that if that bitch Sarah Palin gets to be a pit bull in lipstick, then Cindy should get her shot, too. A few weeks back, Cindy said that a vote Obama made in the Senate against a war funding bill "made her blood run cold".

Leaving aside that reptiles' blood always runs cold, this crap doesn't pass the smell test. Obama voted against funding the war because the resolution did not include timetables for withdrawal. Her husband voted against a similar package when it did include timetables for withdrawal. Did her blood run cold then as well?

I am now of the opinion that this is the worst run campaign of the televised era, and I'm not alone in this assessment. People left, right and center are saying that when the financial bombshell hit, we got to see how Obama and McCain would act as president when they would face a crisis. McCain looked panicky, quick to react then retract, while Obama was Obama, cool as can be, thoughtful and ready. Conservatives are coming out in criticism of McCain on a regular basis, and some like Christopher Hitchens, Christopher Buckley and Colin Powell have gone beyond criticism and openly endorsed the Democrat.

They are right to do so. McCain can't control his temper, and even with that temper, he can't run the clean campaign he claims to want, because it's clear he's not really in charge. It's just another sad sign of what a doddering, weak and ineffectual husk of a human he's become.

He can't be president, and everyone with eyes can see it.


afeatheradrift said...

It is the worst run campaign in history as far as I can see. I'm not sure sabotage shouldn't be used. The campaign seems to be functioning on a "we are gonna lose" so lets just scream our anger and hatred at the world that doesn't like us, and surround ourselves with the nutcases of America who think we are just super! What a bunch of disreputable people!

Zoey & Me said...

Poopenhauer makes my blood run cold. I gotta turn the channel or hit mute.

namastenancy said...

Great commentary except for the "can't control his women" part. I understand where you are coming from but it's a bit...well, old fashioned? Very few men actually DO control their women unless they use violence. It's our secret that we (mostly) don't let men know this. So, as I see it, the Republican women ain't too smart to let their men folk know how wild and crazy they are. Out of control! Running wild!

Undersquid said...

What namastenancy said. I was nodding in violent agreement until the "control his women folk" bit. I understand what you are saying, that in a position of "power" he cannot get his party organized, does not have the ability to form a cohesive front with the women around him in a way that appeals to semi intelligent voters. Still, the "control his women folk" makes my feminist knee jerk.

Matty Boy said...

I apologize to my readers for the "can't control his women folk" comment. It was meant tongue in cheek, but upon reading it, I agree that I missed the tone and the "joke", such as it is, doesn't fit in the rest of the paragraph.

Get me rewrite!

namastenancy said...

Never you no mind Matty Boy. We love you anyway and know that it was just a slip of the tongue.

Karen Zipdrive said...

The trouble with McCain is, he's just not a likable guy.
He's like one of those people you know is gonna explode if you cross him, so everyone pretends he's not a raving maniac on the verge of a rampage.
As for the women he surrounds himself with, they deserve him and vice versa.