Saturday, October 18, 2008

Numbers are one thing, history is another.

It's mid-October and early voting has begun in some states. I'm going to finish filling in my absentee ballot this weekend and mail it off once I do a little more research into some propositions and bonds.

On this weekend, John McCain is campaigning in Virginia, a state Bush won in 2004 and where McCain is trailing big time. He spent some time there praising Joe the Plumber, and both he and Sarah Palin are using the word "socialist" to label Barack Obama.

Obama is campaigning in Missouri, which Bush won in 2004 and where polls show Obama leading big time. One can question the validity of polls on many grounds, but a crowd of 100,000 people in St. Louis gives you a pretty good idea that Obama has some support in the Show Me state.

The 100,000 is the estimate from the cops.

To recap, Obama is playing offense in red states, McCain is playing defense in red states.

Or to put it another way, Obama is making history, while McCain is history.


no_slappz said...

The goals and ambitions of Obama's possible administration are listed on his website.

The depiction of virtually every idea, plan, program and goal includes terms such as "expand", "create", "develop" and "update".

Those terms and the others appearing in his "blueprint" are synonyms for "spend more taxpayers' money."

With the steamrolling power of a Democratic Congress to give him the power of a monarch, he will spend many many times the amount that believes he will confiscate from those earning above $250,000 per year.

To make matters worse, he's bribed voters by promising to give 95% of taxpayers a tax cut.

Moreover, due to the fact that NO ONE in the US is likely to be reporting capital gains for a couple of years -- unless they are lucky enough to have stock options that are "in the money", there's going to be a huge income-tax shortfall among the crowd Obama is planning to fleece.

Obviously Obama knows most Americans are bad at math. Thus, he's willing to lie about taxes without fear that someone might notice he's unable to perform calculations that include both negative and positive numbers.

Matty Boy said...

Hi, slappy! Remember our little wager? The agreed upon terms as of June are as follows, where "I" means Matty Boy and "you" means no_slappz.

The only bet I might take is that I get to guest blog on your blog for a week if Obama wins, and you get to guest blog for a day if McCain wins. I offer this uneven payoff because I don't think you have many readers.

I'm guessing you do remember it because you aren't bringing it up.

BobManDo said...

Wow, 100,000 is a big number... and it warms my heart! Yet, I continue to hold off celebratin' just yet. I am expecting a marvelous resurgence of the US Middle Class under Obama during his 8 years in office! I also be voting early... in my case, this coming week. I encourage anyone who has the option to VOTE EARLY. has a neat tool that shows if you can vote early and the exact mapped directions to your polling place. I could walk as I am less than a mile from my voting place. OTOH, gas here is now down to $2.87/Gallon Regular.

Matty Boy said...

This is not on the front page of, but Palin and McCain calling Obama "socialist" is.

Clue to the clueless: The bailout is socialist. Infusing banks with cash is socialist. It's just socialism for the rich.

The mainstream media is NOT liberal. They are addicted to new, they are addicted to crisis, and a close election is WAY more interesting than a groundbreaking election. By not telling the whole story, they are trying to make this one look close. The numbers say otherwise. Not just my numbers. Karl Rove's numbers say otherwise, for Pete's sake!

Jess Wundrun said...

Having the government buy out our mortgages, effectively owning our houses for us, is far more socialist far more to the left than any other suggestion raised by the two candidates.

Te he. The righties are so wound up right now they don't know their rhetoric from their a**holes.

Jeanie Girl said...

Matty Boy,

"Obama is making history, while McCain is history."
From your mouth to the gods' ears.

Thanks for all the 'splainin.

namastenancy said...

I find it amazing that people continue to parrot the party line about how "horrible" Obama will be if he raises taxes. Raising taxes on Mr. And Mrs. Aristo who make over $250,000 a year is not going to impact the tax burden of Mr. and Mrs and Ms. Working Class who make a lot less and live in fear of losing what they do have. How in the hell do some people think we can pay for the war, the bailout, the mortgage crisis and rebuild our country unless taxes are raised on the 1% (what's what Obama is talking about) who have gotten off scott free for the last 30 years? He's not perfect. Nobody is. But he's smart, he's got a real plan and he comes from a poor background so he knows what it's like to watch your mother die of cancer while worrying about the cost of health insurance.
OK - rant over. Obama is making history! What a great line and from your mouth to god's ear(s).

ken said...

"The bailout is socialist. Infusing banks with cash is socialist."

Yes, but it's socialism for the good of the nation. We could call it "National Socialism"

Or not.

Matty Boy said...

Ah, Herr Ken, always mit the funny jokes, jah?

Your name has been noted. And logged.

no_slappz said...

matty boy, it had not occurred to me that you cared about your bet.

The terms are okay with me.

Whatever happens, happens.

Matty Boy said...

Oh, now it's MY bet. Fascinating that you believe in revisionist history even in your personal life.

Fascinating but not surprising.

You offered the bet of a dollar. Not trusting you to pay up if you lost, I counter-offered guest blogging as the payoff. But the bet was originally your idea.

Also, off-topic comments still get shit-canned here. What part of IT'S MY BLOG is so hard to understand?

no_slappz said...

matty boy,

Let me put it another way.

It had not occurred to me you cared about THE bet.

Your comments were so choked with sarcasm it seemed that your drive to express your feelings far outweighed your interest in establishing terms for the wager.

If Obama wins you are free to write whatever you like on my blog.