Friday, October 3, 2008

Random 10, Friday 10/3

After more than a year of putting a Random 10 at the end of my Friday post, whatever the topic, I am going to follow Padre Mickey's lead and write standalone Random 10 posts, with this young fellow at the wheel of fortune as official host.

End of the World Vonda Shepard
Ta Mo Chleamhnas Deanta (My Match It Is Made) Van Morrison & The Chieftains
Way Down In The Hole The Blind Boys of Alabama
Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology) Marvin Gaye
Ghost Train Elvis Costello & The Attractions
Why Must I Be Sad? They Might Be Giants
Fly on a Plane Christine Lavin
Crawling From The Wreckage Dave Edmunds
Once In A Lifetime Talking Heads
Lonesome Suzie The Band

Only five links in this ten, because some songs are too old and others too obscure. Once In A Lifetime is definitely one of my favorite Talking Heads songs, and while the video looks old fashioned now, it still has the same off-putting quirkiness it had when it came out. Way Down In The Hole is the theme song for The Wire, and any longtime reader knows how I feel about that show.

Not an A-1 Tip Top Ten, but that's what you get sometimes when you go random.

1 comment:

dguzman said...

Sweet song in the leadoff spot, Matty Boy, with some Van and some Christine Lavin. Not bad at all.

I will add that people should check out the original "End of the World" by Skeeter Davis, just to hear the hilariously hokey spoken portion of the song. "Whah... duzz mah hart... go on beatin'..."