Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sarah the Socialist

I wrote this early in the campaign, but it's more true now than ever.

No sane Republican would want to turn over the rock that is Alaska politics and expose what is crawling there to the American public if they planned to win an election. The corruption of Senator Ted Stevens and Representative Don Young are the least of their worries.

Sarah Palin is talking as of 24 October about a communist state under Barack Hussein Obama. This speech is probably written by the same jerk who quoted Westbrook Pegler in her convention speech. Pegler was a fringe nut who called for the assassinations of both Franklin D. Roosevelt and Robert F. Kennedy.

The main problem with the idea of Sarah the Conservative Darling is that Alaska has been happily living under socialist rule for more than a generation, and anyone campaigning against it wouldn't just lose, they might be tarred and feathered.

The Alaska Permanent Fund (APF) has been the most successful homegrown socialist program for more than thirty years now. Unlike Social Security, which takes both from business and workers, the APF steals money only from businesses, and specifically only the oil and gas businesses.

Miners in Alaska, rape the environment for free! Get all the gold or silver or other minerals you need. We'll screw the energy companies, thanks very much.

All the money goes to the citizens. What a bonanza! In 1999, a request to share the booty given with the government lost 84% to 16%. Aren't those the kind of number you expect to see in a so-called "election" under communist rule?

Anyone who has decided to stay in Alaska for a year gets cut a check, and the money comes from the people who produce the stuff we need to keep modern civilization moving. A nice check for no work. I'd call that socialism, wouldn't you?

More than that, the check in 2008 was $3,200, which doubled the 2007 check of about $1,600. Of course, the price of crude jumped amazingly from 2008 to 2007, but the big jump in the check was due to a one time payout of and extra $1,200, approved by the Alaska legislature and the governor of Alaska.

Uncle Joe Stalin, meet Auntie Sarah Palin.

In conclusion, let me say this. The Republican Party needs to die. Like the Whigs, like the Know-Nothings, like any of a number of parties in this country's history, they serve no useful purpose and the members should be scattered to the four winds. Our republic cannot survive the continued survival of the so-called Republican Party.

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ken said...

Erm... That's "Know-Nothing"

BTW, the verification word is "tryst"

Matty Boy said...

Thanks. Fixed.

I got an actual word on a word verification last week, "mandy".

Anonymous said...

I really want this election to be a total rejection of Conservative policies, as enacted under the current Republican party.

Anonymous said...

It would really take a huge screw up on behalf of the Dems when they take the White House and control the Congress to give the Republican Party a shot at the presidency. I'm thinking we could hold this fort at least 20+ years.

Matty Boy said...

I'm with you, Dcup.

Z&M, when I say don't celebrate early, I'm usually talking about the upcoming election. Speculating about the next four elections is just crazy talk. Leave that to the Republicans and their dreams of a "permanent majority" under the guiding hand of Karl Rove.

Jess Wundrun said...

Until this election I thought the part of the Simpson's movie where they go to Alaska because they pay you to live there was a joke!

Now I know - another Simpsons life lesson.

Kay Petal said...

Because she brought all of this to my hometown - I grew up with Sarah Palin here in Wasilla - We don't all adore her here! I make creepy, lifelike art dolls and when she entered the national political arena I just had to pay homage to her. Here she is wearing her 1984 Miss Alaska Swimsuit outift giving a tour of Wasilla.

I drove around Wasilla with li'l Sarah attached to a stick, snapping photos of her basking in Palin Fever.