Saturday, October 18, 2008

So, Matty Boy! How's your crusade against creepy ass Blue Tooth phones going?

Remarkably well, hypothetical question asker, thanks for asking. Everyday, more and more right thinking, common sense Americans are standing up and being counted, saying in a strong unifed voice that wearing a creepy ass blue tooth phone in public is just...

Ah, hell. I'm not running for anything, so I might as well tell the truth. The crusade against creepy ass blue tooth phones is not going well. If it was an epidemic when I first brought it up about a year and a half ago, it's a pandemic now. These mutants are everywhere now. In California, if you want to talk on a cell phone while driving, it has to be a hands free set or you can be fined, so there is a use of creepy ass blue tooth I am not completely against, but really, do you people have to wear these things every waking minute?

While I admit that I'm fighting a losing battle currently, I have dug in at a new line I believe we can defend.

No cyborgs at the dinner table. When you sit down to eat, the damn things come off. No exceptions.

My fondest wish is that it's a fad that will fade, but I don't hold out that much hope.



DCup said...

Oh dear. I use a bluetooth when I drive. I swear I take it off the minute I get out of the car in public.

At home I use it as a device to fake out the family. I keep it in my head and pretend to be listening to someone as I walk in the door. That way I'm not hit with "Mom!" until I've had a chance to go pee at least.

(long commute, you know)

BobManDo said...

I've been using the same Plantronic 510 Bluetooth for 2.5 years now and I LOVE it. (Plantronic was the company supplied the mike for the moon walk). Early on, I tried a really sucky Motorola Bluetooth I was given. Then I did the research. The Plantronic is(was) the best... I can hear well in the car and my parties can hear me loud, clear and hear the deeper qualities of my voice (some say that adds to sexyness:-). I typically log more than 40 hours per month on my cell. AND I have less concern about the potential of the cell phone/brain issues because the bluetooth signal is *much weaker* than the cell.
My phone is a 3 year old Motorola V555... Planning to switch to an iphone when G3 reaches this part of Maine. AND yes, I leave the bluetooth in the car when I go out to eat or other fun activities. Sometimes I'm seen in public talking like a cyborg skitzo... So what... I say "resistance is futile".

FranIAm said...

I take mine off when not in use. I have an issue talking to people with theirs in their ear.

However, I always feel a little ashamed, on this blog that is, to have one.

It is not you Matty it is me.

Don't want to let you down!

dguzman said...

Matty Boy, count me in! I'll defend that line with you to the end. To the end, I tell you!

If people want the whole hands-free thing, why can't they just use the little earphones/talkboxy thingie that comes with all phones? Why does one have to implant the cyborg device, and at extra cost too?