Saturday, October 4, 2008

Teasing my people.

While I have admitted to being nearly indescribably old for a blogger, I am not actually old enough to have gone to a burlesque house. By the time I could go to something like that, they were called strip clubs, and the vibe was completely different. A burlesque club would have a stage and a band and comics and stuff like that, and the girls wouldn't come down from the stage to rub themselves against the paying customers, who would have to admire the young ladies, and some not so young, from afar.

In other words, when I was young, people understood nearly nothing about free market capitalism.

I am old enough that I saw the ads the burlesque houses ran in the San Francisco Chronicle, which billed itself as a family newspaper. Back in the sixties, Ricki Covette, pictured here not standing on a chair, billed herself as the world's tallest exotic dancer at 6'8" tall.

I leave it as an exercise for the reader to imagine the pre-adolescent tingly tingles young Matty Boy must have had, knowing that Ms. Covette actually existed.

Today, there is a movement called New Burlesque, which is a mixture of homage and parody of the old burlesque, with maybe a little performance art thrown in. One of the major stars of New Burlesque is Dita Von Teese (not her real name), who is enough of a celebrity that Wonderbra uses her in ads. A new campaign was launched this week, with Ms. Von Teese posing pleasantly in front of a gigantic brassiere, which also may have elicited some tingles from the chronologically no longer pre-adolescent Matty Boy.

Say, Matty Boy! You wanna hang around for a while, just in case the girl who fits into that giant bra shows up?

Sure, I could do that, hypothetical question asker. It's Saturday morning, and I don't have much to do until... well, I would like to watch the pro football games starting tomorrow morning.

Matty Boy, didja notice that this post has a really tall woman, and a really giant bra, but doesn't actually contain a giant woman?

I know, hypothetical. I'm such a tease.


Karen Zipdrive said...

Matty Boy, I'm glad that Viagra RX came through for you. ;)

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

If you're old then I'm ancient.

Matty Boy said...

If the story about your trip to Washington DC in the late seventies is true, Doc, then I'm older than you are. I was already a ne'er-do-well college nerd by then.

namastenancy said...

HEY- I'm older than you and I actually went to see a burlesque show at the old Victoria theatre at 16th and Mission. What can I say? I was young (21 something) and celebrating being able to legally drink. If I can remember through the haze of being drunk and the fading of memories, it didn't rock my boat but it was .....interesting.

Karlacita! said...

Calling Dr. Freud!

I thought that tall lady was Ma! I mean, it's grainy, but it looks just like her when she was modeling and a blonde.

Halloween comes early to the blog, I tell ya!

DCup said...

So that's where my black bra went! That Dita is such a sneak!

Undersquid said...

This is a more utilitarian design:

(And bigger!)

No tingles here, but I get it. I'd probably feel them if I saw tiny little boxers 3/8" long, or bitty white briefs.

Tease entries. I like 'em!