Tuesday, October 14, 2008

To Tell the Truth, Lower Primate version

Contestant #1... please tell us your name.

Contestant #2... please tell us your name.

Contestant #3... please tell us your name.

Okay, CUT!

Who's idea was this? Who's the damn executive producer? Dave? Is Dave around?

Dave, didn't you tell me the rules of this game were simple enough to explain... TO MONKEYS! Were those not your exact words, Dave? TO MONKEYS? They all have to say the same name, Dave, that's the whole damn point, isn't it?

No, no... let's not go again. Let's strike the set. Dumb idea in the first place.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Yay monkeys!

Undersquid said...

Those lol monkey pictures are hot.

No, wait, they are not.

But they would be if the little monkeys were replaced by shrunken men holding on to nicely manicured female fingers.

Then the game would be preceded by the word "dating", where there are also three tiny contestants.

But I imagine the (comparatively) giant woman would end up choosing all three little fellas.

Anonymous said...


Matty Boy said...

Howdy, all. I'm not surprised that new guest undersquid would find some part of the hidden agenda in the tiny handheld critters. There was a Buzzfeed article about them, and that is where I nicked the pictures from. Some of Our People like handheld pictures very particularly.