Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Validation... I haz it.

So, I'm watching Keith Olbermann last night, and what is his campaign comment?

Sarah Palin is a socialist.

I wonder where he got this clever idea?

Could it be here? Or here?

Seriously, I don't need credit. He may very well have come up with it on his own, it wasn't that hard to put two and two together if you have read about the Alaska Permanent Fund.

But for all my beloved readers, let me say with nearly no modesty at all.

You heard it here first.

Then the next hour, Rachel Maddow apologizes beforehand to the more sports minded Olbermann, and talks about how football statistics kind of stink, because all that really matters is the final score, but it's worth noticing on what part of the field the game is being played. Using this territorial metaphor in regards to the campaign, looking at where the ad money is being spent in the last week, Obama is playing offense in the red states, while McCain is defending territory Bush won handily in 2004.

I like Ms. Maddow, even though she went to Stanford, because she grew up in Castro Valley, a town I've lived in and my dad will be living in yet again at the beginning of November. (Welcome back to the neighborhood, Papa.) I agree with her that football stats do kind of stink, and that's why I'm putting in the hours over at a little thing I like to call The Unified Football Theory.

To Rachel, I can only say, thanks for the unintentional plug, homeslice, and I hope you keep doing well in the ratings.


Karen Zipdrive said...

Rachel Maddow is lesbian catnip. You gotta love that a butch lesbian has charmed anyone with a brain. YAY!

Matty Boy said...

Rachel is my favorite member of the Lavender Menace on TV. I have actual face-2-face friends with That Agenda, and of course my beloved dyke blog buddies.

Anonymous said...

I missed the Maddow show, but sure did see Olbermann's dissection of Ms. Palin and her very very socialist behavior in Alaska. Too too funny. Maddow has got Obama on tonight!@