Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Busy blogging at other places

I spent some time this morning on two other blogs, and if you want to read what I wrote, let me provide some links.

Last week over at Unified Football Theory, I predicted 9 outcomes of point spreads, and I got 6 right and 3 wrong, which is good but not great. (It is profitable, which is something some gamblers like, but no pressure.)

This week, I predicted 11 outcomes and went 8-3, which obviously better. Also, being at 14-6 after 20 games is very, very good, about in the top 4%. My goal is usually to be in the top 1%, so I feel there's room for improvement, but I'm not complaining too loudly.

If you like football and have been known to put a dollar or two down on the outcome of a game, you should check out my picks, published every Thursday for the rest of the season.

Some regular readers might remember that our favorite troll no_slappz predicted that John McCain was obviously a lock to win the presidency, and made a wager with me back in June. My reward if Obama won was that I got to be guest blogger on his blog for a week, but seriously, nobody reads his stuff. About a thousand hits in 13 months. If there were tumbleweeds on the Internets, you would probably be hit by one if you wandered around no_slappz' blog long enough.

If you want to read my stuff on no_slappz' blog without being inflicted with his writing, click on the link provided.

I should have time later today for a post here at Lotsa 'Splainin' 2 Do, your main source for Matty Boy blogging.


namastenancy said...

Great post up at no_slappz (no s&*t). But the only think I would disagree with is the comment about the lack of hits. Lack of hits does not always signify a lazy blogger. I'm a pretty busy blogger with several posts per week and each one with a fair amount of content - granted, some posts are more thoughtful than others. But I get maybe 30 hits a day which is about 150 hits a month; I haven't counted them but I don't think it's very high. On the other hand, art blogs don't get that many hits so I know that I'm in a less popular category than politics or food. So, while your resident troll may not get readers because he's not a good writer, that's not true of all of us Internet wall flowers. (SOB!).

Matty Boy said...

Hits don't measure everything, nancy. Your blog has a PageRank of 4, for example, so Google sees your blog and mine as relative equals. No_slappz has been laboring, though not very hard and not very well, for over a year, and he has PageRank of 2. The ranking system is logarithmic, so that means his page is about one hundred times less important than ours, at least in Google's eyes.

Both Princess Sparkle Pony and sfmike's blog Civic Center are blogs with PageRank 5, so obviously Google has some devious pro-gay agenda.

I kid. I kid because I love.

Except about the PageRank numbers. All that data is true.

namastenancy said...

Oh wow- I didn't know about the Google rating but then, I'm seriously math challenged. As for Google...well (looks around with shifty eyes)....I'll just bet that they are devious types.