Tuesday, November 25, 2008

lolz giantess levels... dangerously low!

I like lolz. I like giantesses.

Two great tastes that go great together?

Let's give it a shot.

I know the stubble look is a big hit among the young people, but if she is going to all the trouble of being nicely groomed and neat, it's only fair that her little boy toy make some effort as well.

The original collage is from new blog buddy and commenter Undersquid.

Of course, giant women on the go can't spend all day lollygagging* in bed with their little friends. They are out in the world, getting things done, making things happen, crushing tiny co-workers who do not comply with their demands.

I stole this collage from a Sprint ad and I stole the caption from an episode of Chappelle's Show, when the Wu-Tang Clan are selected by the Asians in the racial draft. I only steal from the best.

Still, that's a lot of stealing for one lolz. I deserve to be punished in some way. If the woman in the elevator has any ideas as to what would be fitting punishment, I'm certainly willing to listen.

*When was the last time you used the word lollygagging in a sentence? Do your best to find a good use for this wonderful word soon, won't you?


Wormwood's Doxy said...

I use "lollygagging" all the time---but, then, I'm Southern. So that probably explains a lot...


CDP said...

I'm with Wormwood, I say "lollygagging" all the time.

Anonymous said...

I lollygag all the time!

I'm glad you've discovered yet another venue for comedy!

Matty Boy said...

Clearly, the exit polls show lollygagging, both as a word and as an activity, winning in a landslide.

Undersquid said...


That's funnies. I want to do LOLZ GTS for my blog too, but it's easier to come to your blog and do none of editing and all of the giggling.

I've heard the word "lollygagging" a million times, only because it's used in the DVD "James and the Giant Peach", which my son has only watched that aforementioned million times.

WV word is tater! Mmmm... tater tots....

Matty Boy said...

Unlike my role model Princess Sparkle Pony, I love a good word verification.

p.s. I'm getting a lot of hits that are either going directly to your blog or clicking on the collage I have posted in lolz and lolz free variations.

Ed said...

I've always been fond of the word "lollygagging", although I don't use it as often as I should.
WV is "trinchin." I'll have to figure out how to use that one in a sentence. Maybe something like "I'm just trinchin for a cold one."

sfmike said...

Giant women like stubbles on their young men. You must know that! They want to feel them.

Matty Boy said...

Yes, sfmike, but giant women like to play games, and mutual shaving as foreplay can be a pleasant way to pass the time.

If you like that sort of thing.

dguzman said...

LOVE the thievery, Matty Boy. Nice work.