Sunday, November 30, 2008

Oh, this isn't awkward, is it?

Earlier this year, young Ms. Samantha Power lost her position on the Obama campaign for calling Hillary Rodham Clinton "a monster". But being in the doghouse in Washington is a temporary thing, and Ms. Power is back among the employed as... a consultant on the Agency Review Team for the State Department.

You know, helping in the transition from Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Those meetings should be fun in a "meow" sort of way.

This job sounds temporary, what with the whole "transition" idea built into the the team concept, but I hope Ms. Power can find work in the permanent Obama administration because she has a lot of good ideas.

And terrific gams.

Also, she has the slightest remnant of an Irish accent. I'm a complete sucker for faint Irish accent. So damn adorable.

Yay, Flags of Many Lands™! Yay, Zimbabwe!

What would bring a person from this country with the worst economy in the world, suffering from hyperinflation as bad as the Weimar Republic, to this humble blog?

"Find giant woman" were the words this plucky Zimbabwean typed into The Google.

Best of luck! It's nice to know My People can be found almost anywhere you go.


Karlacita! said...

Wait - I'm not getting the photo. She's a professional woman in the political arena. Told the truth and got shitcanned.

Hair up, silk evening gown, sitting on a crate and ...

Still not getting it.

Matty Boy said...

The picture is from Men's Vogue. I think it's supposed to show that even if men who read Men's Vogue stop just being glamor pusses and actually get real jobs in the real world, there are hot women at the places where people do real jobs, not just at the night clubs glamor pusses haunt.

pissed off patricia said...

I heard her speak on C-span one time. She is smart as hell! I hope President Obama keeps her on in some spot. (I just love saying "President Obama". Still can't believe it's real)

dguzman said...

You had me at "Irish accent." I love her already!

Undersquid said...

Because I yam what I yam, my first thought was that her pose in that photo is perfect for collaging atop a house. Like a white house or whatever.

Just sayin'. People amongst Our People, get on with it.

Undersquid said...

Oh, and her shoes are fabulous.