Friday, November 7, 2008

So what's your favorite Sarah Palin story, Matty Boy?

Oh, hypothetical question asker, that's like asking me for my favorite picture of Ursula Plassnik at Princess SparklePony. There are so, so many, please don't ask me to choose.

But if I had to choose one to write about, let me address the rumor from some bitter staffer I totally believe.

Sarah wanted to give her own concession speech.

Sorry, honey, this is how it works.

When it's over and your team lost, it is the uncomfortable duty of the guy at the top of the ticket to man up, repress the myriad miserable feelings he has and give the gracious speech. (Sorry if anyone is offended by the use of the male pronoun here, but in American history so far, it's completely historically accurate.) McCain did that. He congratulated the winner, he noted the historical nature of the campaign, the thanked his supporters and he even went the extra mile, saying that any mistakes in the campaign belonged to him. People from all over the political spectrum have given him his props for what he did Tuesday night.

How could Sarah think that she deserved this one last moment in the spotlight?

One word: Narcissism.

Again, let me repeat. Damnit, Jim, I'm a mathematician, not a clinical psychologist, but I've found that in many of the cases of odd behavior displayed by Sarah Palin, either in public or whispered rumors from backstage, if you ask "Why would she do that?", one answer works a lot.

"Because it's all about her."

Why would she go nuts shopping? Why does she think the U.S.-Russia relationship revolves around Alaska? Why did she want to give a concession speech? Why doesn't she know any geography? Why were there Palin rallies late in the campaign where the signs didn't include McCain's name?

See answer above.


dguzman said...

In a nutshell, my man. Nice work.

Oh, and show me more Ursula!

Göran Koch-Swahne said...


Undersquid said...

I don't find rumors as entertaining as footage and recordings of the woman. What I heard with my own ears was so much fun!

Of the latter, my favorite Palin moments were when she said "Palin-McCain administration", and when she thought she was speaking with Nicolas Sarkozy.

But if I had to pick a rumor, I'd go with the morning temper tantrums upon reading negative articles about her. Those are just plain peachy to imagine.